Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Amazing Michigan weather....Everything is Bustin Loose- So many choices !

God what amazing weather..daytime highs in the upper 50's/low cover- polar fleece in August!,,,these guys are loving it! The plethora offering of Michigan is amazing at this time of year and gets better by the day!

DRY FLY TROUT: Hatches are exploding at dusk on the Muskegon: tiny pseudo BWOS, midges, caddis a few steno Cahill's...saw two fall Isonychia that were eaten immediately by a husky brownie(sadleri)- swallows working hard last night. Water levels perfect and cooling down nicely on Muskegon and Manistee tailwaters!....the wild strain spring Gilchrist browns stocked are getting fat eating caddis, midges and water daphnia/scuds from the tailwater-couldn't be better!  HINT:...The trout are now in the shallowest flats and vegetation-where are the bugs are! - SAW SOME HOG BROWNS ROOTING THE SHALLOW VEGETAION RIGHT ON THE SHORELINES LAST NIGHT IN LESS THAN A FOOT OF WATER!...
Pere Marquette mousing/night Ptery time stone game still on...terrestrials and tricos daytime
White , Bigalow/Penoyer  creeks wild brookies starting to get fall spawning color and sipping terrestrials/tricos- caddis at dark. We have thousands of miles of blue ribbon tiny trout streams that nobody fishes!....NOW! is the time to fish them before the season closes. Fish are aggressive/a packing on the weight before the spawn. We tend to place to much attention on the bigger rivers- these small stream fish are starving for attention!

SUMMER SKAMANIA STEELHEAD/SALMON - yes!...better two months late than never, the summer runs are just making a big push on the St .Joe and Manistee...doesn't get better since everyone gave up on them!.cohos soon to come!
Big fat chrome kings are being taken in lower Pere Marquette by the crank thunder crew!..few have come into the Muskegon and are heading for deep poolville!...looking very healthy!


*ANN ARBOR TROUT UNLIMITED: I'll be their speaker on September 14th..hope to see you there!
*NOMAD ANGLERS, ROCHESTER PAINT CREEK SELECTIVITY CLINIC- SEPT 19TH-PAINT CREEK FLY FESTIVAL -SEPT 18.....Hope to see you there!..still spots available- call Nomad Anglers- Rochester Hills, Michigan

* FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE-My spring creek (PFP) predator foraging profile with some of my cool new /effective patterns  for those chalk stream trout bums will be on newsstands in September
GREG SENYO'S NEW/FIRST BOOK Release/Signing at Schultz Outfitters- don't miss it!-Sept 8th- I was honored that Greg asked me to do the forward!

..DOW ticker tape and the political circus  got you down? ...don't worry- go fish, get invigorated and be happy!...hope to see you - still have some good dates available!...cheers/na zdrowie!...
yours truly,