Thursday, April 27, 2017

An amazing 2017 spring steelhead run still going strong!

The above picture tells the story from this week- need I say more, it has been a spectacular spring run !. - Could be one of the best in ten years.
With lots of rain and cooler weather coming it will last well thru May as always. Plus the summer forecast calls for wet and less heat!- ideal for our gray drakes and other mayflies. With some impressive trout we have been seeing this year, it is going to be a great May!!!- hope to see you at the Gray Drake !

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Amazing week of spring Steelhead hatch matching & swinging, big news massive Brown- Clinics etc...

( Geno Kelly from Boston with a massive Muskegon River 'truttasaurus" brownie this week- largest resident brown I have seen or guided a client to in 20 years of guiding. Geno's fish struck a salmon fry pattern in a mid-depth trough below gravel )

It was an amazing and productive week of spring steelheading- perhaps the best we have experienced in 5 years IMHO. High water levels and tons of rain kept fresh fish coming in all week.
( Bill Sweet from Ann Arbor with a gorgeous chrome hen from 4/22- a black stonefly eater)
( Bill Zwicky from Chicago with a crimson king buck male that hammered a salmon fry)
( matching the hatch steelheading- fry and stones)
( An article I wrote for Fly Fisherman a few years back, details the spring run. "Linning gravel" is not what its all about BTW. Our 'POTAMODROMOUS" ( freshwater- to freshwater) steelhead retain the urge to eat or at least facsimile the attack/ predator response much stronger and longer than their west coast cousins due the the forgoing of the salinity regulation/hepatic system physical dimension that puts a different perspective to the game. West coast steelhead are primarily " attack/spatial niche aggressors- larger intruder style flies etc. Great Lakes fish can "somewhat eat"- matching the hatch of eggs, nymphs, sculpins/dace/leeches, salmon fry is the key to spring steelheading.  

( Fresh aggressive pre-spawn fish and drop-back candidates are ideal for Skagit/Scandi swinging. Black with red /orange, or white intruders simulating baitfish are best swinging options.)
Last few days we have seen massive early black stone fly hatches

 And, as the water levels drop and warm, more trout and smaller steelhead will respond to them on the surface. One stomach/throat sample I took Friday had the fish teeming with stonefly nymphs and steelhead eggs. 
Saw the first few morels pop the other day and as it warms up there will be more on the way with all the moisture we have had

With the higher water levels we will see the steelhead continue to ascend the Muskegon all through May like normal.
I can't wait for the Gray Drake hatches
( an early evening spinner flight of the drakes)

(the gray drake #10 mayfly lasts for 6 weeks on the Muskegon and brings up some massive browns and rainbows- spinner falls are both in the mornings and evenings and start around the 10th of May and last through early July

 The larger browns and rainbows held over nicely from last summer despite being one of the hottest and driest summers on record . The resilience of the Muskegon's spring -fed aquifer ecosystem of  of cold spring water infusion throughout its entire rocky/sand gradient moraine is a testimonial to this magnificent trout and wild steelhead and salmon producing world -class river

I have four new " ON STREAM"  in-depth Selectivity spring creek, classic freestone and tailwater river  clinics this spring/summer- would love to see you there! on links attached for more info and reservations
May 5th, 6th and 7th
Mad River Outfitters- Columbus/Dayton, Ohio

MAY 20th  and  21st 
Housatonic River Outfitters, Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut 


Matt & Laurie Supinski

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Run still to come- Back on Schedule

Been a crazy winter spring: ,,,floods, snow ,low water, high water, hail, wind...up and down. Heat wave in February- cold in March/April.
Anyways...sorry for the delay in posting. I post a ton on real time social media- Facebook/Twitter/Instagram...if you want daily updates, join the instant media train...easy and immediate info.
But overall, our late April and May are back on track and right on schedule since the cold of the last 8 weeks brought everything back to normal.
We always have an excellent late April thru Memorial Day weekend with steelhead- PLUS!!!- outstanding mayfly hatches of gray drakes/sulphers all through May...see you soon I hope!
20 inch brown on a mid May morning gray drake spinner fall

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Creek Weekend Trout Clinic with Mad River Outfitters

Hope to see you at this in-depth spring creek clinic event with Brian and crew at Mad River Outfitters in Ohio. Click on link for more information

Looking forward to seeing my midwest friends and meeting new passionate trout addicts!