Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nexus book video trailer is out...enjoy !

Very special thank you to Spencer McCormack for editing/producing this, and the amazing video talents of Andrew Steele Nisbet, Simon Perkins/Sharptail Media, Dave Adams- Gaspe,St. Jean/Gardiner Mitchell, Justin Stuart/Wheremenfish, Tom Harman....very cool stuff!!
Here is the YouTube link for HD:

Friday, June 15, 2018

They are back!!!!-Summer Steelhead Great Lakes style!!!-Join in on the Skamania mania

( Dr. Matt Zaccheo with a massive summer run St. Joe beasty mykiss )
It's been 23 years now that I've been chasing , guiding  and have a insatiable passion for Great Lakes summer Skamania Steelhead. And I'm so fortunate that I still sake with excitement when I see these magnificent Washington State transplants form the Washougal river- they are truly the most beautiful steelhead on this planet-bar none! Nowhere do steelhead get to be this large-(mid teens-20lb range) other than B.C., and fight with such a venomous power and aerial acrobatics as our Indiana/St .Joseph strain summer steelhead. They take swinging flies on two handers, sight nymphing and YES!, we occasionally get them to take foam beetles/terrestrials in the meniscus!
                                        ( Indiana spring creeks, the St. Jospeh and Big Manistee rivers get the largest runs of summer steels, and I'm very familiar with them all)

                                     ( Christina from New Jersey with her fisrt summer run)
 So if you are a steelheader that has experienced the cold blistering lake-effect snow and wind chills, you must have a run in with steelhead with shorts and sandals with they amazing beasts- the sheer aggression to the fly these fish have when fresh run is startling!
                                                ( Good client and friend, Gene Kelly from Boston , that had a spectacular day last summer 2017- it was an excellent run of very, very large steels, since Chinook populations are smaller, but everything is running bigger due to less competition for bait fish )
                                          ( Saltwater GT master, Chris Bamford, with a beast of a mykiss, on my Mykiss/mysis shrimp)

Ill be doing the Skamania steelhead tributaries with my Stealthcraft perfectly suited for all types of waters during late June, and all of July , August and into early September.
The fish that have been showing up at the piers this year are following the trend of large and well-fed which bods well for the summer. Indiana/Michigan stocks close to million summer steelhead smolts in three states, and they are alpha steelhead on steriods. 
                            ( Good client and summer fanatic Jeb from Virginia )
You can stay at the Inn/Resort at Harbor Shores right on Silver Beach, St. Joseph Michigan- one hour and 45 minute drive from Chicago.

I highly recommend this resort and have done some hotel consulting there.They have a PGA (Senior open) golf course, outstanding outdoor dining/ restaurants, luxury rooms and spas, stunning sandy beaches ....lots of my clients bring their wife's and families since there is so much to do there. I'm fishing very close to there- plus a casino down the road- Four Winds New Buffalo....tons of fun for everybody- plus the outlet malls and Chicago are very close-by.
I still have a few prime openings in July and August...none of that cold/freezing weather stuff here- this is tropical steelheading!!!..Hope to see you this summer- email or call us for more info.....cheers!...more pics of beetles for Skamania/swinging

( Beetlegeuse !!!)

Cheers!,,,hope to see you this summer!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mint Condition Hyde for sale!

Trying to sell a mint condition low-side Aluminum Hyde for a good frend and client he dropped off at is in really mint condition!. Perfect for rocky/boulder difficult rivers like Salmon/Sandy in NY, Montana/Michigan rivers. Steel grey with blue trim- not a scratch Client bought it directly from Hyde delarship. 8 horse Mecury motor with long shaft hardly ever used. New Cover. Very safe boat especially for faster/rocky waters- rows also well. 7,500. or best me at or call 231-250-2846. Here are specs: 14’ 6” Hyde low profile aluminum drift boat. The bow comes equipped with a bow storage area, front facing rod , rowing leg brace, box with sliding seat, double lid rower’s storage box with low back seat, removable pedestal with detachable floor mounted seat. The boat has both a front and rear boat anchor system with detachable anchors. Boat comes with a set of custom graphite rowing oars. Has a set of battery powered of running lights. Boat sits on a Hyde custom trailer. Boat is powered by an 8 horse Mercury outboard with portable gas tank. Boat has a custom canvas cover including cover braces and a ratchet hold down for travel protection

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Private Hatch Matching Sessions- Individual or Partners

Want to learn to catch trophy tailwater and small stream browns and bow's during  hatch periods! What to look for when nothing is hatching or the river seems void of activity?Are your fly offerings constantly rejected? Are you undecided on how to read rise forms and know what stage of feeding the trout are on-nymph, emergers, adults, spinners?. Do you want to learn how to cover river water and read prey interception points on any river or stream for tossing streamers -no matter where you are?Do caddis hatches leave you crippled for answers?

For the last couple years,I've been doing personal schools as people are shying away from group schools, where you are just another body with a rod, and looking for more in-depth personal attention. My guided sessions deal with all the information issues :both stark novice and advanced anglers are looking for. Aside from the above, I teach:
*proper casting profiles/ presentations in situations
* show how to tie lethal patterns
*power-point hatch matching specifics
* put you on trophy fish and all the steps you need to deduce and put together an action plan to catch them consistently- just having a boat and cool gear doesn't make you a consistent and successful trophy trout hunter!

I do one/two or three person class guide sessions-AM or PM, or both together. You get more out of these encounters than you would in a school scenario.
Call or email for more info. I custom make them to your needs and what you want to learn and come away with, and can't just do it from books, You Tube and pod casts !