Monday, June 12, 2017

The summer Skamania steelhead Gig is starting !

                                   Gonna be a big year! Many fish didnt run last summer due to extremely warm temperatures and droughts/floods . The few fish that have showed up at the weirs in 2017 are enormous, if they forgoed a run year and kept feeding. Still have openings for summer run guide trips- hope to see you!- the pictures tell the story!- see you this summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The best thing you can do...take a young girl and boy fishing!

(My 14 year old prodigy, Michael Florentine from Chicago. He and his dad did a two day school with me and Michael after dat two was laying out a nice 45 foot tight loop cast and caught browns and rainbows- this one at 2 in the afternoon was a fat football brownie that took a sunken soft hackle gray drake on the swing!)

The enthusiasm, passion, imagination and  amazing coordination  that a youthfull boy and girl has for the sport is an awesome thing to see and develop. Parents and grandparents!- take your children fly fishing and you will have a partner to bond with for the rest of your lives- its a beautiful thing ! It's one of the last simple and pure things in life that gives us such a highly rewarding emotional experience that we can take with us all over the world wherever we go for many for years to come!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

All I can say " It's been a Trutta-truly amazing spring thus far"

                              ( Gorgeous typical over-fed brown on our Michigan 'ground zero',sandy/wooded spring creeks and tailwaters this spring-image by client Aaron Hulswitt)

All I can say is "spectacular" to describe the hatches and brown trout fishing this spring. Lots of fish common in the mid to upper teens- more fish over 20" this year than I've seen in 17 years on the Muskegon tailwater. The hatches have been 'THROUGH THE ROOF!...sulphers galore, March Browns, ridiculous often unfishable numbers of gray drake siphlonurus spinners that cover the water like sawdust- hydro and micro caddis and midge flights to the point that I'm wearing a buff on my face everyday- and the Isonychia really haven't started yet!- A very cool spring and more cool weather in store is going to make June ' amazing again!-( last year  2016 we were already in 90 F STIFLING HEAT AND WATERS HEATING UP!
Cheers!- Matt
( Distinguished east coast author and amazing world class fly caster/instructor - John Field-, who I had the pleasure of guiding for a few days last week, who wrote "Fly Casting Finesse", with a gorgeous Muskegon brownie. This gentleman embodies the essence of a true fly fishing connoisseur/ purist practitioner of all that is good in the "art form" of the sport.  )

( A typical gray drake blizzard a nightly occurrence on the Muskegon- size #10 mayflies thick like swarming black fly midge simulium over Lake Myvatn in Iceland on the Big Laxa)
( with all the naturals on the water, this spring has caused us to take our presentation game 'up a notch", being creative with all the new synthetics and time honored material combos to fool over saturated donkey truttas)
( my infamous 'gang bang' cluster bomb siphlonurus )
( my Json/natural material combo spinner- about as real as it gets!)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Siplonururs Gray Drakes are finally here in big #'s !

                           ( After a week long heat wave, we now have perfect cool ,wet weather setting up for the massive Gray Drake hatches-J.G.Miller nighttime emergence image in a swamp along the Muskegon-'The Phantom Hatch')
Did you know that the most dense Siphlonurus hatches in the world occur on the Rogue, Muskegon,  Pere Marquette and Little Manistee rivers in Michigan? ( according to several international entomologists that have visited us). The prime wet damp cool weather Michigan is noted for is upon us all week and the hatches will have blizzard potential. Note: they will fall early due to cooler temps.- mid 60's F high- 40F at night.
Our micro-ecosystem of Michigan is very similar to the Baltic sea coastlines of sandy soils, dense forest of conifers, birch and hardwoods, tannic colored but alkaline rivers of extreme Mayfly ephemeroptera populations. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia ,Lithuania , Russia etc. all have Siphlonurus and Siphlopecton in mass quantity. 
When I lived on my Dad's farm in  Poland as a little boy, the wild browns/sea run browns and Atlantic salmon that resided  as parr and adults and migrated the waters of the Wieprza river we were on, all took advantage of the immense hatches of these gray and cream banded mayflies I now clearly recall . REMEMBER;YOU WILL NEVER SEE A DUN- ( any comments?) They use the wet, root filled woody debris shorelines /cedar swamps and backwaters to crawl up on land at night to hatch. Even though the spinners deposit eggs  laid in the gravel riffles, their nymphal migration will start early in late winter towards the sandy /detritus back eddy shorelines for emergence. Our rivers embody that structure.
( A typical Michigan/Sandy Soil/woody spring creek in my backyard haunts- this one right down the road from our lodge. Typical of what you would find in the Baltic corridor ecosystem- ideal Siphlonurus habitat )

( a gorgeous 20" trutta that took a drake on the Muskegon)

Cheers!- get out and enjoy the next 4-6 weeks of hatches.
Na zdrowie and cheers!
The trees and lodge this morning- 5/21/- covered with last nights emergence- they typically emerge 2 A.M till dawn)
( freshly hatched morning wall spinners- when we opened the doors of the lodge back in 1995 one morning the enetire lodge turned gray from the mayfly spinners on it,  thus we named it the Gray Drake )
( What spinner flights can look like on cool evenings and mornings- they are gray blizzards!- here on the Muskegon several years back during identical conditions)
( browns up to 20 inches will focus on the prolific and mass quantities of the
siphlonurus- this one took a spinner on an early cold morning spinner fall)
( My latest gray drake spinner imitation- deadly for very fussy spinner eaters)
( But take notice: the sheer volume of spinners on the water will have many sink below and have trout totally focused on submerged patterns- here is a cool /simple sunken spinner imitation that works well)

EVENT REMINDER- JUNE 3RD/4TH- GRAND RAPIDS, MI : To learn more about Michigan hatches and fussy trout  tactics and cool new fly patterns , my two day 'Selectivity -Trout/Michigan school/clinic', with Nomad Anglers on the Rogue River in Rockford and at their shop in Grand Rapids, is the perfect in-depth setting to up your trout game- click on link below and RSVP-see you there!