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Epicurean Angler-Matthew Supinski's Selectivity/Nexus Blog- Everything Trout/Steelhead/Salmon

Sunday, May 31, 2020

No Bugs?, Siphlonurus sunken Impressions- lethal wet swinging when no spinners fall

(my Gray Drake Super Submersible- lethal swinging when nothing is happening!- great for all banded-bodied/segmented mayflies/drakes)

How many nights or mornings ( drakes BTW spinner fall at both times) have you driven to the stream or walked down from your cabin/lodge saying... " tonight/this morning will be the one!- the hatch /spinner fall will happen and I will get my 20 inch brown for sure!..And?, the weather turned crap; too much wind, too hot or too cold, started to rain etc. With climate change's ups-and-downs  it's always something and nothing happened, or worst yet bugs came out but didn't fall- sucks right?- here is the solution.

Once the gray/green/brown drakes start to hatch and emerge will easily last for a few weeks (siphlonurus drakes on my Muskegon and Pere Marquette, East and West Coast  waters along with other Baltic/Scandinavian country hatches) and up to 4-6 weeks on cool damp springs. the selective trout get quite imprinted to barred and banded mayfly adults, spinners and the nymphs. Unlike other drakes that emerge from the surface, Gray Drakes swim to shore during dusk and thru the night to hatch on damp wooded debris and grass along the shorelines, only to come back to the rivers surface at dusk and dawn to spin/mate and lay eggs. That is when the football splash-like surface explosions occur. Drakes couple in the air and drop quickly to the surface and often leave airborne several times, thus they can be tough to grab for a trout until fully spent which sums up their robust rises.

( Early morning fat truttasaurus spinner sipper while others were still sleeping from going to bed late and fish-less, chasing the midnight spinner fall that often yields tough returns)

But many nights there are tons of "bug karma/sex synergy" of mating swarms in the air but no coupling occurs due to cold air coming in quickly, too hot and sunny etc.- its a real tough one to hit it just right! Hunting this hatch for 30 years I've come to at least 80% accuracy in my predicting this "prime-time" to be on the water, but that 20% inaccuracy is getting bigger, again with the uncertain weather patterns and water conditions of climate change that even has the bugs confused as much as us.

When the hatches are thick for weeks like on the Muskegon. the surface will be carpeted in drakes like sawdust clumps and often make imitations useless. The bigger selective trout imprint to this food form and also target the shorelines where they emerge. Also due to the density of this hatch, many spinners sink and get water logged. They become very appealing due to their sheer numbers.

When nothing is happening on the surface, my "Super Submersible" pattern will bring rod-jolting strikes in the middle of the day since it imitates the migrating nymph and sunk spinner, plus soft- hackle swingers will love to swing these.

 I use a long Thomas & Thomas 12ft /3 in./3 weight-Contact model, which lets you feel the fly and swing in an unparalleled manner through technology that didn't exist years ago, coupled with my Abel. 

Good luck! 
Matt Supinski

Hook: Daiichi 1260
Thread: Uni-Black-3/0
Tail and Body: Nice thick Hareline Gadwell Duck feather nicely barred, planted with tail and center of feather situated flat on hook as you Palmer the black thread around the feather in a uniformed banded distance covering length and circumference around hook
Thorax: Hareline UV Peacock Ice Dub
Wing: Pearl Krystal Flash
Hackle: Hungarian Partridge
Bead: Black Tungsten 

Get more in-depth with this subject and more in my books!

Monday, May 25, 2020

St. Mary's/ Sault Atlantic Salmon Archives

 A fond look/ slide transparency collage back on this ever developing Great Lakes Atlantic salmon Mecca!- enjoy the ride! ( For you Johnny Giuliani:  aka "Mayor" of  Sault International and the proud Italian Papa G. , Johnny "Bugsy" Miller: Catskill Mayfly master, and the always young Pat O'boyle- fun days!, and hopefully more coming soon
 ( Maestro of the "Berm"- Johnny G. and Caviar Steve")
( Salar that took the first Hex Bomber)
( Sault manna from the sky)
( A young Pat O'Boyle with a bottle-nose dolphin )
( Bugsy Miller was a mean salar machine and pushed his brown trout/ Catskill Buddha act with these insect loving Salmos)
( The "Soo Martini"- adding wigglers to your Vodka martini's at a bar after way too much to drink, which was a nightly affair at the ballet clubs- truly manly gig!)
( Papa G.- first Great Lakes Atlantic master!- Spaghetti and Salmon!)
( and of course the dreaded Lamprey scar of all or most fish)

Cheers!- more good stuff coming soon in my new online magazine that a preview will featured shortly. I hope it will change your relationship with Trout/Salmon/Steelhead fly fishing forever!- and what fly fishing was meant to be!
You can read much more about the developing Great Lakes Atlantic Salmon fisheries in both Nexus and Selectivity)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Realism and Traditionalism- Packed into one powerful delivery- FrostyFly materials

( Nexus book fly plate for FrostyFly/Hemingway- they are sick/and very fish-able and made of materials connected, not "molded facsimiles" like some fly water does not allow)
(Yesterday's care package from Boris- just in time for drakes!- get some!)

In my Nexus book I introduced FrostyFly/Hemingway materials in the fly plates. The stuff is really amazing when combined with traditional materials. They are made from foam/light soft plastic and are light and don't "twist tippets" like the  the other experimental "hard/stiff" materials introduced into the past. They are extremely light and sleek and can be tied with tradition materials..

Boris at FrostyFly/Canadian/Slavic company has done amazing stuff with their materials that are truly "deadly"...check them out and tell them I sent you!


I can't wait to try the new caddis wings, could be a shell on top of a clump of CDC feathers tent wing style , They are killers for Hex and all the drakes and sulpher bodies are sick real!

My Gray Drake imitation-lethal! ( body can be tied bent like real spinner)
( Nice brown that fell to the Frosty drake last year- first drift over it!)
BTW- a  very few drakes have hatched but the flood and high waters, plus the very cold reservoir waters are holding them back-THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS!- we cant be hit with any more disasters eh?- think I see a Pale Horse riding around!
                                                                   ( Hex- Brown Drake)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Surfing Salmonids!-rivers are flooded, time to hit the beaches!

 (Salmo salar-born and raised in the Great Lakes.On a pelagic bait fish streamer)
With our rivers blown out and flooding ( highest level at this time of year recorded!). might be time to look for Coho, Kings, Browns , Steels and Atlantic's along the Great Lakes and large inland glacial lakes- surf. style!)
I started experimenting with Great Lakes surf fly casting for salmoinds back in the late 90's. I've written three major articles in magazines and my Steelhead Dreams/Selectivity/ Nexus books covered the topic. I have scanned and included one of the most comprehensions ones from back in 2008- no good sitting on the shelve gathering dust. Its a good place to start for all the lake/surf systems.You can open it and read on your pads/IPhones by enlarging or on your laptop with magnifying glass/macro zoom at the top of the page.
( This Capt. Ian Devlin 3-D Pelagic pattern ( imitates Alewives, Cisco, Rainbow Smelt )I use is the most deadly and realistic pattern I have ever used. It swims and looks so translucently amazing! Its materials/and full dressed streamer for mail order is available by contacting Capt. Ian in Connecticut- captain_ian@yahoo.com He is a cohort with the famous streamer /salt water/big brown guru:Mark Sedotti who I discuss in Chapter 9 of my Nexus book as a pioneer of the big fly/big brown gig.)
One skinny note: Look for pier heads/ river estuaries and tiny creeks that come into the cold lakes. They bring in warmer water in the spring and attract bait on a slight chop. Early mornings are the times to be there. No creek is too small to attract bait and salmonids.

Final Note: I am very busy launching my online magazine which I think you are going to enjoy- stay tuned!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Enshrined Waters- the magic tonic of woods,cold springs and a ground-zero vision for brown trout

                           ( The magnificent Oxbow bends of  "The" hallowed Pere Marquette)

When the Pere Marquette Railroad conductor snaked his fired-up locomotive past the tall pines and dense hardwoods of what was to someday be the Manistee National Forest, little did he know that his train ride would be on a historic level to trout bums as was  Paul Revere's midnight run .That historic and precious cargo run would leave its mark on the western hemisphere in a profound way. The Germans have arrived to conquer the trout world forever!
                   ( Michigan/Federal Fish Commission car that carried 5000 brown trout fingerlings of Black Forest/Schwartzwald German genetics arrived in Baldwin on April 11, 1884 and started a whole new dynasty of trout fishing in America )
This week I had to take my power drifter boat up to Stealthcraft in Baldwin, which is 35 miles due north to get a winch repair. I got out to fish for a couple of hours as I waited on the hallowed Pere Marquette, one of the most iconic historical trout streams in the world. The water was still high and very peat stained from all the rains and flooding we have had, so I decided to throw a few big articulated streamers for its extremely elusive and selective wild browns of the true ground-zero lineage. I managed to elude one 8  inch beauty that took a white game changer as long as its body- a testimonial to the aggressive kill-artistry browns are noted for.
( This little "truttasaurus in training" beauty has the typical characteristic red spotting along the lateral line so distinctive  of browns form the Black Forest/central European stock) 
( A P.M. wild from years back when I was writing Selectivity- again laterally  thematic )
(Tuesday's walk just gave me a strong dose of what a wooded paradise is all about- browns and wood are synonymous )
( The movement of the Chocklett Game Changer should be illegal it is that effective. This one a 4 segmented articulation was gifted me by good friend and streamer fanatic Paul Zagorski. AUTHORS NOTE: check my prior blog on "Stump-Jumpin Leviathan Browns for small stream brown tactics)
But when I walk trout and salmon rivers and streams today it is more about the echos and reminiscing of days long past that gives me the most joy. Being a true fly fishing romantic this nostalgic dreaming has always given me the most joy. It is evermore so satisfying today now that I have fished most places on the planet and have caught thousands of trout , steelhead and salmon- everyone was very special and unique which I cherish. But my chase today has taken on a new meaning of all  natural ecosystems  great and small  including a level of depth and perspective of simplicity that can never be satiated.                                                                                  
"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it's not the fish they are after"-Henry David Thoreau.

 (My first author's copy of : River Journal: Pere Marquette (1994, wrote it when I still managed corporate hotels) And a nice sampling of my Hendrickson ties: adults, spinners and emergers ready to serve up to the trutta Buddhas of the ground-zero hallowed P.M. ( Hendrickson- E. subvaria- magnificent images by the one and only bug Doctor: J.G. Miller )
(The Manistee Forest parcel in our lodge driveway was planted during the 30's depression by conservation corps paid by the Feds to put people back to work and forests back together after the massive and catastrophic logging era. Even though it is 35 minutes up the road I haven't spent that much time on this beautiful natural and scenic national treasure that the P.M. is since I wrote the journal.(Rzeka is river in Polish and feminine for lady) Last Tuesday's very brief visit was a retrospective wake-up that I need I need to come and spend more time enjoying my micro-ecosystem wold of springs and forests.I now look at rivers with the blinders off. Blinders that can  become inbred in individuals that work in beauty day-to-day. They are blinders that kills the sensitivity and awe that we once had as children when we saw and heard running water. I remember the days of growing up as a boy in Niagara Falls and playing by the falls with my friends. I would sometimes stare forever at the rushing waters that truly hypnotized you  by their negative ion effects ( why so many are called to jump into them like a demonic curse) A river now to me has so much more intrigue to investigate every component part and understand it's complexity.image Roman Kahler)
So now let's get back to when the train conductor , the brakemen and biologists who took turns ladling for oxygen in the milk canisters for those 5,000 German brown fingerlings on their destination to the P.M. and Baldwin rivers. Did they realize that the historic planting they were about to make had the same ecological components of habitat as did the German Black Forest?, or was it just circumstantial? I would love to go back in time to have a whiskey with them to chat about their thoughts. When Von Behr sent his promise of eyed-up eggs to the ichthyologist master:Fred Mather in New York's Caledonia Hatchery via a ship to Long Island, I doubt that they intentionally dropped a "Google Pin" on the perfect location for them to take seed like their native waters. Coincidence is often a gift of nature. 
                                       ( A toothy ground-zero P.M. Brown-R. Felber image)
To a wary and elusive brown trout that hates light and loves dark places, this river is the prime predator foraging profile for the kill: night hunting ( this reminds me I have to spend more time this summer with my friend , savage madrigal of the darkness, the one-and-only "Trutta Buddha of the Night"-:Tommy Lynch) Night stalking is perfect in these dark wooded debris and undercut bank places they love. It is in these dense woods gifted with a plethora of cold springs that this Salmo trutta Eco-nirvana exists. Couple all these dead-falls with ice-cold springs that emanate from the ground every few feet, add some gravel and silt for aquatic insects and spawning and you have a brown trout utopia! Identical to the Black Forest they came from.
                                (Sifting along the banks for morel mushrooms and ramps on Tuesday, this image really caught my eye. You really dont appreciate or realize how many or how pronounced underground cold spring emanations are on Michigan spring-fed rivers until a springtime walk along them. When the ground is still a dull brown you see all the bright green watercress and duck wort vegetation as emerald as shamrocks. Here a massive spring bog empties into the river next to the train tracks that brought the browns by rail. Despite such an acidic forest/bog environment, surprisingly Michigan's spring-fed rivers are alkaline which is why their insect life and fertility is so pronounced) 

Finally, here is an image that friend Jacek Kaczynski  from the Gdansk/Pomerania/ Baltic part of Poland has shared .It is here I fished as a boy when I briefly lived there on my Dad's farm that had a trout and salmon river running through it.. The streams there look exactly like the P.M. and Michigan's/NY'S/WI/PA's  forested rivers. He shared this beautiful wild brown that portrays all those German Von Behr brown attributes. 

More tales, the science, the tactical chase and the journey of the brown trout are in my Nexus book.
Final Note: I have been working on starting my own online magazine you will be hearing more about in the days to come. There are still great magazines out there, especially the ones that I have been honored to write for like Fly Fisherman, and along with the ones I admire with great respect for their amazing content:TROUT magazine and Atlantic Salmon Journal. 
But I hope mine will take on a whole new perspective that is actually somewhat  retro .It will hopefully be what fly fishing magazines used to be, and what fly fishing was meant to be. The biggest constant complaints I get from social media friends is... "what happened to the quality of content in magazines?"..."why were the magazines so great in decades past!"..."I still love to read all my old issues, they had so much more substance back then".  But let's face it, we are living in a retro-society that still yearns for nostalgia. 
I will attempt to re-think your relationship with fly fishing and the way it used to be. Some things are pure and sacred-this is one of them.
Stay safe, strong and positive!
Matt Supinski/

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Letort Flashback- Somethings Never Change

                       ( The Letort had a massive chemical/insecticide kill in the early 1980's from a watercress farm that wiped out 80% of its wild brown trout population. . It has a chemical spill last year that killed 280 wild brown trout or so. . Despite all this, the resilience of wild Salmo trutta goes on. Yet we still cant figure out how to manage this holy shrine in its total exclusiveness- I just shake my head! )
Flashback Wednesday - SlideScan app ( seems like everyday is one nonstop Groundhog Day flashbacks 😂😂😪)

Letort Spring Run PA. Circa 1992, July .air temp 98F . Before global warming was invented. When I was a cool metro- sexual wearing my Dunlop Wellington’s I bought in England , and using my favorite spring creek setup : Orvis CFO with the Orvis Graphite Spring Creek 10ft/ 5 weight- total aristocratic Orvis purism that made you a true country gentleman, even smoked a pipe back then and always had a flask of Spey side scotch . Using a true Letort Hopper and Cricket . The heat was oppressive but the upper meadow was alive wth terrestrials and trout smashing them . A typical “ Loch Leven” brown with cross German genetics is what a Letort trutta looked like back then. Many had dark overtones to them since they spent a great amount of time in undercut banks 
( A Letort brown- 2007)
                            For more great stories on the Letort and many others, read my                                                     Selectivity and Nexus-Stay safe and strong!