Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jessica DeLorenzo's Steelhead- stunning speciman and more stunning Outdoors Lady !

( Jessica in the first pool of the day with me and her husband took this stunning chrome steelhead last week!-by far our best steelhead of this fall 2018!)
Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is a stunning young lady outdoors woman. Her passion for fly fishing and big game hunting is amazing!- she can spey cast and is intense on the river- the 'REAL DEAL!" See her amazing images from Tierra Del Fuego of their magnificent sea-run browns in my Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus!
You will be seeing much, much more from this amazing talent!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Great Lakes Fly Fishing Book Signing- Super Christmas Saturday- December 22

You have to put this one on your calendar my friends ... a "super Christmas Saturday" fly fishing book event at Glen Blackwood Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company- Saturday December 22nd. I'll be signing my newly released Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus book, along with Kathy Scott from Maine with her epic Everett Garrison book on this master bamboo/cane historic rod building genius..come by and see us and pick up a few books 
for Christmas gifts and last minute Christmas ideas ( he will also have my Selectivity TSS Trout,Steelhead ,Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Dreams books and DVD's)- Glen's store is packed with Christmas goodies and his fly fishing library is the finest vintage in North America- bar none!....see you there

Monday, December 10, 2018

First book signing

My first Nexus book signing is this Sunday, at Schultz Outfitters. I'll be doing a program " Into the Mind of a Brown Trout" ( based on the Nexus book)...all you east siders in the Detroit/Ann Arbor/southern Michigan/Ohio area I welcome seeing you and would love to sign a book for you! Mike Schultz Schultz Outfitters is an awesome place and you can find many Christmas gift ideas/gear/clothing- you name it! Support your local fly shops and small Michigan based business entrepreneur

Big Thaw coming...fresh chrome and brownies on their way!

The cold weather is finally over!!!- warming trend for the next two weeks will trigger fresh chrome steelhead and get big post-spawn truttasaurus browns hungry- Chris Robert Bamford from yesterday's deep chill which I cant wait to see get the hell out of here-I'm done with winter!
Here is a nice chromer by Joe Piller last week in the deep chill!