Friday, February 21, 2020

Black Stone game on!!!

It's early black stonefly time! (Tainy's and Allocaps) Bio-drift has started on warm sunny afternoons and the exotic predators are chowing down!!. The double red banded buck steelhead are chomping nymphs along with resident browns and bows ( bellies are loaded!)....
Hareline Dubbin Marcos Vergara has all the best materials you need, including JSON SWEDEN realistic materials. If you want a double whammy slam-dunk presentation ( give the water temps a few degrees warm-up to swing with confidence later), nymph a stonefly and a micro egg ( eggs are steelhead kryptoite anytime of year),

so...especially after brutal arctic weather like we just had up until last night and everyone needs a cabin fever hook-up!...or the streamer bite is on for buck steels and resident Truttasaurus brownies ( one buck steel pictured here slammed a #14 stone nymph on 5x and a 5 weight while indicator trout nymphing)...dont forget to jazz-up your stones and make them wiggle and dance! #selectivity #earlyblackstonefly #orvis #abelreels #harelinedubbin #graydrakelodge #browntroutatlanticsalmonnexus #stealthcraftboats

Monday, February 17, 2020

It's starting!

Despite the up-and-down weather , it's looking real good. The weak fall run due to Arctic weather is going to really pay-off this spring with larger well-fed steelhead starting to mount the spring run. Valentines day is the "flip the switch" time.
We still have a few slots available for our Muskegon three month long steelhead run (March-April-May) . Our river has the longest run of spring steelhead due to a perfect combination of reservoir/groundwater influences which gives us steelhead all the way to Memorial Day ( it was one of the truly remarkable things I had to fathom when I started here. Other states /lakes like Erie/Ontario etc. get a very short window)

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Any day now!- the sac fry hatch begins!

As the photo-period of day light gets longer, the signal for new life is on! Chinook/Coho /Atlantic salmon and brown /brook trout fry will hatch and it will be 'game on" for matching the sac fry  hatch!....salmonid cannibalism at its finest! Steelhead and big leviathan browns love to crush sac fry and get fat and sassy after a long winter's dormant spell...enjoy this cool YOU TUBE video on brown trout gluttony and cannibalism

Time to "flip the switch"

Valentine's week is the official "flip the switch" time for the start of the spring steelhead run!- time to start steelhead dreaming! Days are getting longer, pineal gland photo period light detection kicks in and sends the signal to the reproductive hormonal drive as it starts in full mode- the doldrums of winter dormancy is now officially over! Plus the very mild winter we have had and excellent flows signals 'all systems go!" ( keep in mind our fall run was non-existent due to our deep arctic winter taking place in November/December...gonna be one hell of a spring run with very fat and well fed fish that stayed out in the lake chowing down on bait rather than get slinked down in the river