Monday, October 30, 2017


            The fall steelhead run of October 2017 has been nothing short of outstanding!!!- after 7 inches of rain/flood and ideal water temps, the "magic carpet ride" I talk about in 'Steelhead Dreams' has been unleashed- now ideal water conditions will bring a 
motherlode of fresh fish all through November and December like back in the glory days of 2007/08 and others- the pictures tell the story  

Still have some good dates for November and December- dont miss out !

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coming this Fall- Michigan Atlantic Salmon

Are Atlantic salmon on your bucket list?... Michigan's Atlantic salmon program is now world class and my clients an I still own the IGFA world landlocked salmon record which can be easily broken given the size fish we saw last fall. It can now make your dream a reality without a fortune to be spent - we still have a few good dates left ... Salar are not only the most amazing game fish of the world, but truly great aggressors to a swung streamer


Good push of steelhead this early in October is a very good thing and sign of a great run to come- especially with very low water levels!...still have some dates available...cheers!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Massive King taken on the largest with client in 20 years!

 Seriously and despite the 90F heat and ultra low my 20 years of ghillie-hood, this is definitely the largest wild king!- saw some approaching 30 last year, but this year they are running massive and with stunning red/marbling colors ... my client Thursday-Gene Kelly from Boston, hit this massive hen in the mid to upper 30lb range swinging flies with me in the pools- glad I invested in a 60 lb Boga grip this year!- more coming! will be an awesome fall for sure for steelhead given the sized summer runs we saw on the St Joe...just need more water and the cold weather we had all summer eh?