Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Going to Be a BIG!!! King Salmon Season- start to get ready!

       Last years kings were GINORMOUS!!!...so far the results out in the big lake have been mega-sized and even bigger!...The Muskegon is poised for some of the largest fish ever!...make your reservations for a king of a lifetime!- we fish the pools traditional west coast style with comets/bosses...total blast!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Fishing Wilds in Icy National Forest Spring creeks just up the road!

Wild raspberries, wild flowers and wild trout!!!!.... what an awesome combination. Spent the extreme heat index weekend with good clients and friends: R Charles McLravy ( aka famous mystery author Charles Cutter), and his son / protégés Tom hiking into the headwaters of the Huron- Manistee National Park tiny spring creek headwaters ( water temps 49F- ice!) in search of wilds!... we munched on the very sweet wild raspberries all day and delighted in the raspberry spots of those magnificent wilds....despite this being #groundzerobrowntrout waters from the 1884 premier introduction of German browns in the Western Hemisphere , the magnificent native wild brook trout stole the show ....the kill artistry of these magnificent beasts that attack terrestrials like little Orcas was magnificent!!!... very blessed to live in such hallowed waters...#browntroutatlanticsalmonnexus #graydrake
Enjoy the images!

Friday, July 5, 2019

They're back!!!...the Savage Summer Skamania Steelhead-Tarpon of the Great Lakes

All I can say, is that these savage beasts are back!!!!!Could be a massive year for them since last year's drought and heat wave left a ton of  steelhead in the lake that didn't return. With rivers running full and a very cool spring ( bit of a heat wave now, but breaking by tomorrow to normal temps), this could be an amazing year!

We have dates available. Check out our blog archives from July/August/September and facebook pages from past summers for all the excitement...hope to see you! We constantly update our facebook/Instagram posts from the river!

                                                      The amazing salt water/slamon/steel guru-Chis Bamford, with one of the largest summer run beasts we have seen-20 plus club!)- taken on a Procopious Mysis

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Caddis and Isonychia hatches have been great!- the whole river is fishing very well/excellent conditions

With higher than normal flows (3,000cfs)-actually perfect flows and water releases for this time of year!... and cool water temps, the Muskegon has been fishing AWESOME!...caddis all day have the trout looking up, and Isonychias, Stenos and still have gray drakes at dusk, the browns and rainbows are fatter and healthy than I've seen in 20 years...

We have availability this week and next week, so come on out and enjoy it!...
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