Thursday, July 27, 2017

Could be the best/and biggest sized summer steelhead run since 1999!

All I could say is it has been an epic run so far this July!!!..lots of 3-4 year old fish missed running last summer due to the heat and droughts, thus they skipped a year and are coming back supersized, according to freind and biologist Brian Breidert. at Indiana DNR...going to see 20 lbers at the weir and ladders counts- I saw two the other day well over that size-mykiss U-boats!!!!- August will be epic with the cool temps- still have some openings!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

The summer Skamania steelhead Gig is starting !

                                   Gonna be a big year! Many fish didnt run last summer due to extremely warm temperatures and droughts/floods . The few fish that have showed up at the weirs in 2017 are enormous, if they forgoed a run year and kept feeding. Still have openings for summer run guide trips- hope to see you!- the pictures tell the story!- see you this summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The best thing you can do...take a young girl and boy fishing!

(My 14 year old prodigy, Michael Florentine from Chicago. He and his dad did a two day school with me and Michael after dat two was laying out a nice 45 foot tight loop cast and caught browns and rainbows- this one at 2 in the afternoon was a fat football brownie that took a sunken soft hackle gray drake on the swing!)

The enthusiasm, passion, imagination and  amazing coordination  that a youthfull boy and girl has for the sport is an awesome thing to see and develop. Parents and grandparents!- take your children fly fishing and you will have a partner to bond with for the rest of your lives- its a beautiful thing ! It's one of the last simple and pure things in life that gives us such a highly rewarding emotional experience that we can take with us all over the world wherever we go for many for years to come!