Saturday, June 3, 2017

All I can say " It's been a Trutta-truly amazing spring thus far"

                              ( Gorgeous typical over-fed brown on our Michigan 'ground zero',sandy/wooded spring creeks and tailwaters this spring-image by client Aaron Hulswitt)

All I can say is "spectacular" to describe the hatches and brown trout fishing this spring. Lots of fish common in the mid to upper teens- more fish over 20" this year than I've seen in 17 years on the Muskegon tailwater. The hatches have been 'THROUGH THE ROOF!...sulphers galore, March Browns, ridiculous often unfishable numbers of gray drake siphlonurus spinners that cover the water like sawdust- hydro and micro caddis and midge flights to the point that I'm wearing a buff on my face everyday- and the Isonychia really haven't started yet!- A very cool spring and more cool weather in store is going to make June ' amazing again!-( last year  2016 we were already in 90 F STIFLING HEAT AND WATERS HEATING UP!
Cheers!- Matt
( Distinguished east coast author and amazing world class fly caster/instructor - John Field-, who I had the pleasure of guiding for a few days last week, who wrote "Fly Casting Finesse", with a gorgeous Muskegon brownie. This gentleman embodies the essence of a true fly fishing connoisseur/ purist practitioner of all that is good in the "art form" of the sport.  )

( A typical gray drake blizzard a nightly occurrence on the Muskegon- size #10 mayflies thick like swarming black fly midge simulium over Lake Myvatn in Iceland on the Big Laxa)
( with all the naturals on the water, this spring has caused us to take our presentation game 'up a notch", being creative with all the new synthetics and time honored material combos to fool over saturated donkey truttas)
( my infamous 'gang bang' cluster bomb siphlonurus )
( my Json/natural material combo spinner- about as real as it gets!)