Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm proclaiming June as parents?....get your sons/daughters/ relatives into fly fishing month !. There are plenty of trout around, the weather is nice and your kids are dying to get away form texting/cell phones, ipads, wii, xbox etc....BUT!!...they need a little nudge!. We have allowed them by society's design today to be glued to the electronic bombardment, nature isn't on their minds until you put them into the enviornment of the river and then you see the youthful twinkle in their eyes!.....we owe it to them like our parents did for us!

Yesterday I had a major epiphany nay while guiding a wonderful mom and her 13 year old daughter.I'm in new 13 year old prodigy yesterday, Madison from eastern MI, a super girls softball player and all around athlete...first day with a two hander ...eye/hand/timing coordination was instantaneous with this cute April Vokey ?...after an hour she hooked a nice drop back steelhead on a chinook fry pattern on the swing and landed it...signing agent papers with her Mom now!!!...;)..still got a little worked to do with the lower hand in the box pull and d-loop rod positioning ..but heck this kids gonna be a two handed rock star...she is the one that wanted to spey fish her mother told me..
I always start kids/tweens instructional with switch/two, with the new 11/12 foot 2/3 weights, even for trout- they want to put their body and soul into the cast and a two hander just allows them to feel like they are part of the cast, they get instant distance which all kids want right away and they land a fish they would otherwise not do with a single handed rod due to the shock absorption of a longer two hander

( ISONYCHIA- the river bottom is crawling with their nymphs when I did a bottom sample before the high water)
As of yesterday, s few caddis and very few sulphers...saw several quills, and TONS OF DEER FLIES!!!-WE GOT ATTACKED ON THE RIVER YESTERDAY!...water still high/cold, as it drops and 80's this week, we should see everything start popping...June will be amazing this year with all the water !