Monday, May 21, 2012


( Guide Jeff Bacon with a "ginormous 'brown-it's good to know that gene pool contributor is still swimming for this fall if it can dodge the rapalas and worm dunkers. A perefect Ephemerella Invaria - sulpher- above by John can click on images for clower detail )
Cold nights, cool nights, hot days, cool days, massive thunder storms....what a roll of the weather!.............BUT GOOD NEWS!....the trout are starting to look -up at the surface with a passion!
( Dr. Mike Davison with a pair of nice browns on the sulpher emerger Saturday)

 The suckers are pretty much all spawned out, so all the trout are cruising looking for chinook parr and steelhead fry that just hatched and the mayflies and caddis. Last 5 nights we had lots of sulphers, American March Browns, Blue wings, caddis and gray drakes trying to get going but the weather has been their detriment....early June like customary should be their peak along with Isonychias.
( The famed Roman Moser of Austria, who contributed to my "SELECTIVITY" book at the publishers Stackpole Books, here are his 3-D Plush Sculpins that are lethal on aggressive big trout!)

 Had the distinct pleasure of guiding Dr. Mike Davison, a trout'aholic, this weekend and Mike got some nice fat browns on the sulpher emergers. Jeff Bacon with clients hit an absolute "hog' brown like Jeff always does every May......he's a toad sniffer!

( another late night sulpher sipper and a rainbow parr chinook fry and Abel brown trout reel- below the river is loaded to the gills with chinook parr and an easy imitationn)

( The grouse hen is back terrorizing all that come- she builds her nest near our driveway and chases all the cars daily protecting her little ones)
( Boy did they stock the Muskegon this year.....just got the numbers from DNR Gary Whelan- head of hatcheries.........staggering #'s......90,000 Eagle Lake Rainbows, 60,000 Wild Rose Brown trout in Newaygo...........30,000 browns at Muskegon Harbor, and 66,000 steelhead at Pine all the natural reproduction we are having with the cold water bubbler....YIKES!....that's a ton of trout!)
( wild steelhead- 3-4 inchers Jeff and I picked up all spring....Bacon got one two days ago swinging wets...the stockers are 8-9 inches and silver-fin clipped some)

Swinging soft hackle wets and sculpins on sink-tips have been productive. Waiting for a good spinner fall of gray drakes with stable weather. Had a good spinner fall with Dr. Mike as we did split days on the water ....dawn to dusk , with break in the afternoon.

Water at perfect dry fly level...1960 CFS and perfect hatch mayfly hatching temps......CHEERS!
So this week's cooking had to do with good old fashioned Polish cuisines, Spring Rack of Lamb, fresh clams and scallops and beef carpaccio.....raw beef with garlic and goat's cheese.....DELISH!
( BACK IN POLAND AGAIN!....Dr. Mike got fresh Frank's Market Polish sausage from Grand Rapids- grilled and basted in beer, Polish sweet and sour sauerkraut with caraway seeds and good old fashioned potato pancakes....add some hot Dusseldorf er mustard and you got a feast!

( don't forget all the great Michigan asparagus we have now....marinade them in olive oil, lightly crisp on grill, add balsamic vinegar and Swedish sea salt....awesome!

( and episode of the "CEREBRAL GOURMET" Last Wednesday I had the two big hitter Ford execs.- Ed and Randy. Ed is an aspiring chef and sometimes he would rather cook on the boat with the Weber than fish....he did an amazing Rack of Lamb chops on the grill.....Ed is not the most articulate guy or politically correct....excuse the crass use of a certain word....Ed did not know he was being filmed by my ever ready i phone which I'm having a blast with....GO ED! won't see the "Cerebral Gourmet" coming to the Cooking Channel anytime soon.....LOL!)