Monday, November 7, 2011


( The cherry guru with his California Steelhead-Jeff Manning)
In 1876 the U.S. Fish and & Wildlife Commission brought the " great California trout" experiment to the Great Lakes.........A.K.A..........STEELHEAD! These rainbows were brought to the Northville Federal fish hatchery from the McCloud/Klamath river systems were they were a mix of steelhead/resident rainbow stock and put in the Au Sable River of Michigan, with a doorway to Lake Huron and the Great Lakes...............our inland seas have never been the same1
( Charley Polsky and Cahn with some nice swung steelhead)
((And a brownie!0
 Last week I had the pleasure of guiding Jeff Manning from the San Fransisco Bay area, Cheif Marketing Specialist For the Cherry Institute and Phil Korson from Lansing- two of the world's top cherry guys!
 Jeff caught his first steelhead in Michigan that came from his backyard!....way to go Jeff!.........that is cross marketing!
( The lovely and talented Sue Nyquist)
Also had a great week with Sue and Helmut, Charlie Polsky and Cahn and the Murphys.
 We need rain bad and its coming since the water is so low.......lots of steelhead and browns coming since they are still out in the big lake and ready for the spate!