Tuesday, November 2, 2010


( Marchese( Italian nobleman) with "primi piatti", first coarse, chroma steelheado........as Aldo Raine would say in "I.....taliano", in "Inglorious Bastards"

J'MAN'S BROKEBACK ARTICULATED MINNOW WAS THE TRICK TODAY! ..not to be confused with "Brokeback Mountain".........lol

Had the extreme pleasure of guiding Dr. Mark Dearth, Senior Technical Advisor for Ford Motor Co.

He came to learn as much about steelheading , since he has never done it before. He wanted to earn the knots, flies, tippets, lengths etc.........casting nymphs, swinging flies ...the whole gamut!.......in one day as his birthday present from his wife.

So we drifted in the Hyde and went to school with all the above techniques and did it slow and careful. Mark hit the chrome bingo!!!!!
And is hooked for life!

Congrats Mark!...the pleasure was all mine!