Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Getting tons of calls" is the bubbler at Croton on?". "YES", but the relentless heat is also. The bubbler made its first impact July 9th when river temps. hit 75F- overnight with the bubbler on it went back down to 69F. It has been spiking hot and cool like it is made to run. Without it the temps would stay in the low/mid 70's..SO- it is giving thermal rest periods for the trout during this abnormal heat wave when compared to last years cold summer.
If we get more cool nights , the bubbler will have a greater impact. Storms coming tonight will hopefully bring much needed rain. There are blue ribbon wild trout streams all over the state of Michigan with low 70's water temps. The hallowed Beaverkill wild trout river in New York is at 74F. Rivers from Oregon to Pennsyltucky are all heating up.Pray for cooler and wetter weather. BOY.............NOAA really F'D their long term JUNE THRU SEPTEMBER long range forecast which called for a "cool and wet" Midwest.Maybe things are in store for a change-pray hard. At least there are tons of aquifer springs along the Muskegon and the bubbler is giving some relief.
Another thing about the bubbler . They don't want to use up all the cold water left , so they are using it sparingly it case this bitch heat won't stop!
A couple of cool images. A sulpher dun poking-out of its nymphal case- that's why we use brown z-lon for the tailing shuck, or pheasant tail dropper close to the dry.
Also, a gorgeous West Branch Delaware brown- incredible red spotting!
We are glad to welcome the 15 Henkel Automotive corporate executives having a conference for the next 4 days at the Trout & Eagle and Gray Drake Lodges.
Fishing right now is best from dusk till midnight- tons of caddis starting up- also early at dawn.Don't trout fish during the heat of the afternoon!