Monday, May 17, 2010


( picked this critter off last night-YUP!- AMERICAN MARCH BROWN

Last night saw the first "super hatch" of sulphers(#16 Epherella Invaria)and American March Browns( # 12 Stenonema Vicarium). Given the numbers of bugs on the water , the trout were slow to respond- but eventually started to rise. This happens in the first few nights of a major emergence. The trout just need to find their way to the buffet line! Also, zillions of tiny black micro caddis(# 22's)

Saw a few Gray Drakes and some very large stone flies.

This is a very exciting time of year!

We just started our spring and summer Hatch Matchers Special from 5 P.M. till o'dark hundred-250.00!- see the ticker tape at the top of our web site.

Also have a few prime full day hatch chaser dates available in the upcoming weeks.ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT FOR OUR jUNE 4TH-6TH SELECTIVE TROUT SCHOOL!

We will post the "skinny" every morning from the previous nights action.

See you on the water!