Tuesday, May 11, 2010


( Skip with Muskegon Chrome!-love the purple sheen on this freshie!)

(Blue-winged olive-dun fatty shot by the Bug Doctor Johnny Miller)

Skip Herman, my client yesterday, is a world gallivanting pilot/corporate lawyer extraordinaire. Part of the William Harris group-Charlie and Jack Polsky, and the diabolical business wizard Mr. Cahn, got to tangle with a few chrome steelhead and some big bruiser red buck males- one fish was nicknamed Jack Dempsey!

Skip just came back this past weekend from an overseas trip from Istanbul, Turkey, Cairo ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Germany, only to fly his plane into Freemont airport for a day of fishing on the Muskegon. Skip is an avid Montana Fly fisher and has a home on the Yellowstone River. The chromer pictured above was his biggest ever on the fly rod. Took a #14 green caddis larvae on 4x Orvis Mirage. We sight fished it in the low-clear waters a good part of the day . Keeping a very low profile in the boat , Skip made some excellent presentations until the fresh chrome hen moved a foot to the right to take the dead drift, Indy style presentation- chomped hard on it. Glad I had the barbs pinched down cause she inhaled it!

Raining hard this morning-THAT IS THE GOOD NEWS!!! Last evening saw the first big hatch I've seen of Ephemerella latas- size #16 blue winged olives. In the past years, there were always a few in the first two weeks of May- but last evening they were a "new super hatch"- and the trout- both stockers and fat holdover browns and rainbows were plucking off the duns and emergers with regularity.This is another edition of the increasing and ever changing hatches of the "new Muskegon".

Saw good numbers of cinnamon caddis at the same time.The glory days of hatches are yet to come- I'm getting very excited about the upcoming weeks!! We still have a few choice dates avaliable for the hatches in the weeks to come and our first Selective Trout weekend school-June 4th thru 6th is filling up fast!

After this rain, I think we will see another small push of chrome steel- it always happens -regardless of low flows. We are now having March weather in May when we had June weather in March....go figure!