Tuesday, May 18, 2010


( watched this fatty feed for close to a half hour before I could determine it was a good fish-fed like a hatchery dink sipping sulphers)

( The real deal-Purple-blue tip Michigan Asparagus- glaze with extra virgin olive oil,drizzle sea salt and Balsamic vinegar,grill lightly -serve crispy-delish!!!)

Last evening saw excellent hatching of sulphers and American March Browns from Carmichael flats to New Bridge. Finally found a few"fatties" that eventually found their way up to the surface sulpher buffet!

KEY TO CATCHING THE BIGUNS!-WAIT.....WAIT...WAIT AND OBSERVE SOME MORE! Look at all long flat pools below gentle riffles. Don't think the little risers are just hatchery dinks....some are...BUT, then others are the real deal.Seriously, some of the most dainty rise forms turn out to be the big boys....trust me!

Water level dropping again, but excellent to get more fish looking on top-water temp 55F-THAT IS THE MAGIC NUMBER FOR SULPHERS-FLOW-2,100.

Now for the Michigan Spring Gourmet dinner you'll absolutely love!

Grilled Fresh Lake Michigan Coho Salmon- topped with a Dill Dijon Beurre Blanc sauce and Sauteed Morels, with Roasted Red Potatoes and Rosemary, along with Crispy Grilled Michigan Asparagus.............ehmmm!

Take 3-5 pound fresh caught Coho Salmon( can be found right now off of any Michigan port from New Buffalo to Leland-hire a charter captain -they need business bad-bring your big Igloo)- the smaller fish have the red/orange delicate fillets-remove pin bones. Brush with extra virgin olive oil and cracked black pepper, grill medium-don't over grill and dry out1

Dijon beurre blanc topped with fresh dill( you can find recipe on-line-lots of them!-Wolfgang Puck has a good one)

Sautee Morels in butter,minced garlic, white wine-dash of sweet vermouth if you desire.

Roast new Potatoes in oven with olive oil and fresh rosemary

Michigan Asparagus(cooking instructions below picture above)

BON APPETIT- or as Michiganders say"GOOD EATS!!

Serve with a chilled Fenn Valley Chardonnay Reserve

All components of the meal are proud produce of Michigan!!!