Monday, May 31, 2010


( BEST PART OF MEMORIAL DAY!-check out Scott Hibbs Amazing Whiskey Grilled baby back

(last night o'dark hundred)

( very nice brown taken a.m. on Iso wiggle in riffles before the tramp stamp/ mullet head tuber!)

The nasty , totally unusual 90 F heat wave we've had for the last week put a big kabosh on the hatches! I was wondering if I'd ever see another gray drake!
Well.........last night the bugs couldn't hold off anymore. I saw the first good spinner clouds of drakes around 10 p.m guiding Hans Hansen and his wife Kathrine.Sulpers and caddis came off in good numbers from 7:30 till dusk with a lot of trout up on the surface feeding on them(mostly newly stocked browns-and two wild fish) as the air cooled.Then a dark came the spinner flights of drakes over the riffles- it was nice to see-thank god!
Thunderstorms this week and a cooling trend will bring more bugs and badly needed water-things are looking up!Finally!