Sunday, April 25, 2010


It was a magnificent day on the mighty Mo today! Had the pleasure of guiding Clayton Walker, COO of Rio Pinto Mining Co. from Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with Ken Wooley , another Rio Pinto Executive, they are spending three days in search of Michigan's steelhead. Ken put on a show Saturday-BUT TODAY- It was Clayton's chrome ride!

After getting the techniques down yesterday, Clay ( an excellent trout fly fisher who fishes the Provo, Green, Bighorn etc.) put on a steelhead performance. The Orvis Mirage Large Arbor reel and and Hydros rod, along with the skinny 3x Mirage Maxi knot tippet , held the tiny # 14 wiggle Senyo stone perfectly.

Congrats Clay- your chrome train came in!!!

Enjoy the pics!