Saturday, April 10, 2010


( Kelly with an awesome hen!)

( Angela with her first hooked-fought-and landed steelehad-go girl!!!)
( Kelly with a handsome male)

( the boat armada!)

( soul brother Mark from Utah with a nice buck)

( Also a very nice brown he picked off)

Sorry for the long delay in blogging- it has been a very busy week and we finally got the welcomed rain which raised the river levels and brought in fresh chrome steelhead hens and red silver bucks- FISHING HAS BEEN ON FIRE!!!!

Had the pleasure of guiding Kelly Smith and her friend Angela Welker on the Muskegon for steelhead on Friday. It was the typical boat show zoo, but we found a really hot concentration of steel and the girls put on an incredible steelhead "Catching" show! Kelly is a veteran fly fisher and is a member of Michigan Fly Girls group. Angela never had a fly rod in her hands but did a lot of bait casting for panfish. After a quick lesson on the drift technique, she was throwing 60 footers with impeccable drifts. Her second cast hit an acrobatic 8 pound double-red banded buck- she was on fire!!!!

Kelly then put on a show landing very large and perfectly colored male and female. Her fighting skills were perfection in form - really knew who to battle steelhead in all the phases of the fight.

As the sun got high and the fish shut off, we were just about ready to call it a day.BUT......Angela with her persist ant determination had"the proverbial one more cast"- and Bingo- a fat chrome hen nailed the stone wiggle and put on an aerial display.She came out of deep dark water- the best kind!

Congrats ladies!!!!

Conditions of water -perfect! Lots of traffic though. Trout taking stones in the afternoon on the warmer days.

ALSO.......a big thank you to all the great clients we had all week! The Holmans from Iowa, my soul brother Mark Murphy and his son Mark Junior from Utah who spent 6 days with us, the Novasels from Ft. Wayne, the Rogers from Iowa and the dudes from Chicago and Connecticut!

More to come!!!!!!!