Monday, April 12, 2010


(Monseuires- Le Fat Bastard!!!!!!!!!!)

( This river is just not about steelhead and salmon- it's about trout....BABY-------YEAH!..........Austin?)

In an ongoing attempt to decompress from a day of steelhead guiding and boat traffic, I am allowed to fish one hour at The black stone fly hatches have been tremendous as I originally stated in my earlier blogs. Each soir, In a pool (only Todd and a select others) will know, there are "big fat bastards" rising to the black stones. BUT........THEY ARE VERY....VERY SELECTIVE TROUT!

One must approach with caution, sit and smoke a cigar, sip a micro-brew and wait for a multi- feeder- every one to two minutes!
This is the essence of fly fishing.the wait ....the desire ...the yearning and the conquistador!!!!!!!!!

"Fat bastard" was his name........a brown trout of 17 inches. His mouth was choked with black stone egg layers . His head was tiny, his girth "massive' and she was the ultimate poster child for Mc Donalds and Wendy's!!!!!!!

Fat is awesome, ....healthy in the trout world-kinda Reubenesque in the two legger in mind these last years stockers averaged an inch a month growth rate due to the new caddis July, August and September Fishery!!!

But , come Wednesday, I'm puttin those dudes on a size #26 midge diet.

Only seen growth rates on trout in a short period of time on the Big Spring, in the 'heyday' in the 80's in PA.- or on Loch Leven Scottish Browns.