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Epicurean Angler-Matthew Supinski's Selectivity/Nexus Blog- Everything Trout/Steelhead/Salmon

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Realism and Traditionalism- Packed into one powerful delivery- FrostyFly materials

( Nexus book fly plate for FrostyFly/Hemingway- they are sick/and very fish-able and made of materials connected, not "molded facsimiles" like some fly water does not allow)
(Yesterday's care package from Boris- just in time for drakes!- get some!)

In my Nexus book I introduced FrostyFly/Hemingway materials in the fly plates. The stuff is really amazing when combined with traditional materials. They are made from foam/light soft plastic and are light and don't "twist tippets" like the  the other experimental "hard/stiff" materials introduced into the past. They are extremely light and sleek and can be tied with tradition materials..

Boris at FrostyFly/Canadian/Slavic company has done amazing stuff with their materials that are truly "deadly"...check them out and tell them I sent you!


I can't wait to try the new caddis wings, could be a shell on top of a clump of CDC feathers tent wing style , They are killers for Hex and all the drakes and sulpher bodies are sick real!

My Gray Drake imitation-lethal! ( body can be tied bent like real spinner)
( Nice brown that fell to the Frosty drake last year- first drift over it!)
BTW- a  very few drakes have hatched but the flood and high waters, plus the very cold reservoir waters are holding them back-THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS!- we cant be hit with any more disasters eh?- think I see a Pale Horse riding around!
                                                                   ( Hex- Brown Drake)