Saturday, February 1, 2020

Nexus Tour-2020/2021-Come Join Us!- also great year to come at the Gray Drake Lodge!

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See you at the Gray Drake this year for what should be an excellent spring run of steelhead ( the arctic weather cancelled our fall run 2019), ...thus promising a massive spring run by historical standards) ...Also the river is teeming with very large browns and fat rainbows due to our new Type III trophy brown trout regs, so the gray drake and other spring hatches should offer amazing dry fly and swinging articulated/soft hackle wet action...and of course throwing big meaty streamers for leviathan  brown" truttasaurus" summer steelhead, massive wild king salmon pool swinging in the fall, and Atlantic salmon at Torch/Elk Lake systems...not to mention all the little spring creek action around us- a true plethora of choices!

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