Saturday, January 18, 2020

Good luck in 2020 my Scottish friends!!!...long live your leapers!

 (image Matt Supinski)

This is an excellent overview of this critical situation:

My thoughts :..Good luck in 2020, my good Scottish and U.K. friends! can only get better!. The fact that you had larger 3 salt salmon returning late into the summer last year was a very good sign.
It is great to see that everyone now realizes how important Salmo salar are to the entire culture of Scotland and a healthy ocean ecosystem. They are "civilizations' founding fish" as I state in my Nexus book, and they will be the quintessential " canary-in the coal mine" for monitoring our earth's aqua ecosystems for survival. which mankind would not exist if lost. 2020 embarks on a new road to help save these magnificent leapers!. They have been abused, over-fished/killed and taken for granted for centuries. Much of the problem is very fixable : more regulations to control irresponsible commercial fishing that targets other species, but Atlantic's get caught up in the net haul/slaughter... eliminating pen raising salmon that spread disease and genetic pollution ( inland lochs and containment away from any crossover wild populations is the solution- if Florida is now raising salar, than anything is possible) Also as much as I like animal people/tree huggers/Grean Peace'rs, the rampant protection of sea lions and cormorants, as their populations swell, is killing salmon... they absolutely annihilate salmon smolts and are a massive problem . As we make every attempt to combat climate change, much of it is inevitable and not in our hands. Salmo salar have been through many climate changes and can and will survive them and anything mother nature throws at them.....BUT!, The only killer they can't evade is the worst part of creation:MAN!