Friday, July 5, 2019

They're back!!!...the Savage Summer Skamania Steelhead-Tarpon of the Great Lakes

All I can say, is that these savage beasts are back!!!!!Could be a massive year for them since last year's drought and heat wave left a ton of  steelhead in the lake that didn't return. With rivers running full and a very cool spring ( bit of a heat wave now, but breaking by tomorrow to normal temps), this could be an amazing year!

We have dates available. Check out our blog archives from July/August/September and facebook pages from past summers for all the excitement...hope to see you! We constantly update our facebook/Instagram posts from the river!

                                                      The amazing salt water/slamon/steel guru-Chis Bamford, with one of the largest summer run beasts we have seen-20 plus club!)- taken on a Procopious Mysis