Saturday, July 7, 2018

Thinking of Atlantics and Cooler days Ahead- Bucket Lister's, here is your chance!

                  ( These stunning Salmo salar are right in our Great Lakes of Michigan for the                                                              taking-a bucket list in your Midwest/East Coast backyard!)
Each year I marvel over all the amazing Salmo opportunities we have in Michigan. Trophy leviathan browns to amazing Atlantics are at our beckoning call.
I have been chasing and guiding these Atlantic beasts now for 25 years on our glacial lakes chains and the Great Lakes, and the fishery keeps expanding. I have guided people from all over the planet and they can't believe our fish are so well fed- and they don't cost a small fortune to get to!
The tremendous diverse forage afforded the salar in the Great Lakes systems allows for their maxing growth potential unlike the lakes of Maine/Canada that see longer winters and less fertility.
Our IGFA world record Atlantic still stands in the record books from my client Tom Auferio when I guided him back in 2010-26 lbs!
(Tom's massive IGFA record Salmo)
So as we struggle with the heat, the deep cold waters of the lake systems  are allowing our Salmo to go on the hunt 24/7 until they return in the fall. Bait fish of all kinds, hex wigglers, fresh water shrimp all add to the mix of forage.
If you love big browns on the streamer gig, love to see /sight fish your fish and watch them attack the fly, this " bucket list " fish is for you!
I am just finishing my fall guiding calendar and still have a few openings if you want to experience these amazing fish.
Call or email us through our web site for more information
It's time you stopped talking about " bucket list's"( they are meant to cross-off, not ponder) and actually do it!- a truly amazing fish is waiting for you- these folks did it!
Cheers!- Stay cool and think cold Salmo coming!