Monday, May 14, 2018

Trout maddness has begun on the Muskegon!!!!- 2018 spring hatches are soon here!

The spring hatches of Gray Drakes and sulphers are ready to begin! We are obsessed about our trout, and we treat what we do as a passion- our approach, our creative fly patterns etc., it's not just another job/ money gig as some others look at their service. Our blogs and Facebook pages show the hard core results.We also specialize in getting young adults and children into the sport- so vital for our future!
 With the amount of big browns I have been posting thus far this spring, May and June will be epic!- ...imagine catching 18-20 inch fat plump browns and rainbows on a 4 weight on a gray drake spinner or sulpher emerger- all going to happen soon!- make sure you are there to expierinece it!- we still have some good openings and with the good water flows and tempertaures, we are very excited about what is to come in the next 6 weeks! or email us for openings! ...cheers!, Matt Supinski