Thursday, May 10, 2018

Blessed by Michigan's "ground-zero" wild brown trout Mecca

                         ( stunning wild brown from  ground zero German Bachforellen genetics from 130 years ago, caught this morning on a small wooded spring creek down the road from our lodge on my day off. Our cold sandy soil Michigan spring creeks exist everywhere in this magnificent Salmo filled Pure Michigan mecca! Both browns and Atlantics are doing well in our fertile Michigan waters)
I was engulfed by the pure essence of spring this morning.I forever see myself reverting to my boyhood dreams- chasing brown trout in my native small wooded spring creeks of my youth in western New York and Poland along the Baltic that forever bring back nostalgic fond memories. There is something special about foraging the woods as you pry the log jams and undercut banks for an aggressive /ambushing brownie ready to preform its kill artistry to perfection on your bouncing sculpin/game changer ( this one tied by trutta stalker Paul Zagorski). It is hunting and stalking in its purest form as an angler.
This morning I decided to get off the big river, with its loud jet boats, hustle and bustling pace, and immerse into an enchanted forest like the stalking forager man was designed to be. Found wild flowers, springs, fiddle-heads- no morels yet, because the ground is still cold, but they are soon to come. 

This tiny jewel of a spring creek was one of the first creeks in the western hemisphere to get the first "ground-zero" batch of fingerlings in a milk container thrown from a train bridge on the old Pere Marquette railroad. The beautiful story is coming in my soon to be released "Nexus" book from eye witness testimonials and log notes.
Enjoy the images- they tell the tale. So blessed to live and be in "ground-zero" trutta waters!