Friday, March 9, 2018

Time to change the way we view Salmo salar-Atlantics

Very sad read from the Atlantic Salmon newsletter: is my opinion for what its worth- sorry for the preach!
For someone like me that has caught his first Atlantic on a Baltic sea river on my Dad's farm in Poland when I was 8 years with a 15 foot/ 11 weight Hardy cane spey rod that my uncle Stanely had to hold for me since it weighed heavier than a sledgehammer and a traditional Green Highlander....., and now having traveled the world to the best Atlantic salmon destinations ( Russia/Iceland/Canadian Maritimes etc.), the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) NEEDS TO GET THEIR HEADS OUR OF THEIR ASS'S and look at these magnificant Salmo salar species from every aspect, not just the ones that "touch the salt"- ( same west coast elitist crap that a "steelhead" is not a steelhead, unless it touches the briney salt and has sea lice dripping!- romantic stuff my frends, but look at where their runs are now- in the gutter!)
That awesome chrome 16 pound steelhead my client caught Wednesday in the blisteering cold was as pretty and fought just as hard as any wild Skeena fish...,been there , done that!- Great Lakes steelhead ARE FOR REAL!- SORRY THEY DON'T TOUCH THE BRINE! Yes their is a certain romanticism being in the hallowed west coast- it is stunning!, the traditions rich and amazing, but we are losing fish- both steelhead and Atlantics, because we are blinded by elitism, tradition and climate change and habitat degredation/encroachment doenst recognize those high virtues and marches on.
Those stunning chrome and big kyped Atlantic salmon we catch at Torch Lake tributaries /St. Mary's Michigan , Salmon River NY, Credit River, ONT./ New England lakes ( BTW..a my client and I guiding him still hold the IGFA record) are as gourgous AND REAL, as any Norweigian , Quebec or Russian Atlantic, even though they don't "touch the salt ".
Salmo salar- civilizations founding fish " IS DOOMED", because they are only left for a few rich elite individuals that have tens of thousands of dollars to drop, all decked out in their Barbour coats, Icelandic sweaters and tweed caps, and all pushiong the 60-90 yera old age brackets. When I give an Atlantioc salmon seminar I have to pass out Geritol/Depends and keep my elderly clients awake with sexual inuendos and jokes- no offense to anyone, its just the fact!
90 % of the world's population has no clue about Salmo salar! Knowledge and intimacy with a fish is the first road to protection. IF IGNORANCE AND APATHY PREVAILS, which is what is happening now- the fish are doomed- shame on us!!!
The Great Lakes/New England/East coast/Northern Europe lakes etc. are the future frontier for Salmo salar can count on- plenty of cold water, food, gorgous gravel ladden rivers and protected from commercial fishing.Just beacuse inland Atlantics don't " touch the salt", doesnt mean they dont act, look and are as amazing as salt salar, which the ASF only cares about. An Atlantic from the St Mary's, Torch Lake, Lake Huron or Ontario, Maine's Grand Lake and Rangley Lake sytems, Lake George and inland lakes and reservoirs in Scandinavia are "Salmo salar"-PERIOD! And need to be loved and appreciated and protected.
2/3 rd's of North America's population revolves around the Great Lakes.Dude's in Detroit are now catching chrome Atlantics in the Detroit River and ghetto- HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!- we don't have to look and be millionairs to appreciate these fish- God didn't make them for that rich noble elites only!- they were the first fish Cro-magnon and Neanderthal man saw when they woke up out of their caves....
Salmo salar needs to be loved and protected on every level their DNA exsists- not just for the elite noble jet set that can chase the last one before extinction-...
.my take and sorry for the preach!...more on this in my NEXUS book coming soon..( BTW- image of salar is a Michigan fish- just as gorgous as I've seen anywhere in the world-amen)