Tuesday, March 6, 2018

It is Leviathan Brown "Truttasaurus" season on the Muckegon- Take heed!

(Geno Kelly from Boston with this insane donkey on the Mo)
Time of year for these "Truttasaurus" magnificant beasties...It's still no -kill on trutta until end of April here in Michigan,April 1 in NY, so no dirty stringer thoughts me scallywag laddies...aye?- #threesecondruleforsnapshotsandbackinH2O....or...#keepemwet...., if you don't need a hero shot

Double D's and Lynch Drunk and D's are the ticket!...don't forget salmon fry have hatched!!!!

                                ( streamer maddness- Truttasaurus master Paul Zagorski's obsession)

                                  ( Virgil from MN with a stunner)