Monday, February 12, 2018

The Valentines Day Winter Hump has come..Big Red Banned Bucks and Ravenous Browns await !

( Massive red band buck above from the Valentine's day "hump" period - the dusk bite, awaits you in February and March- our TRUE TROPHY time of year!)
With a ton of snow that has fallen in the past few days and arctic cold temps, we are "so" over winter at this point!
The great news is Valentine's day and Lent start the trophy steelhead/ brown season. Our males are at their most aggressive and attack minded dispositions in the pre-spawn phase.
Fresh run chrome females and males guarding alpha dominant lies are at their finest sporting/attack minded quality.
Valentine's Day Mykiss Girls
                                                       ( Chris from Texas with a stunner February steelhead- Gray Drake in the background!)
( My Valentine's Girl- a stunning chrome/pastel hen !)
 Our large browns are now seeing the biological drift of black stoneflies and newly hatched chinook fry that spurs the interests of the smaller trout and bait fish, which in turn sparks the carnivore "Truttasaurus" leviathan brown killer hunt, in the big meat articulated streamer game!- plus the smorgasbord of all those delish stocked browns, rainbows and steelhead soon to come is big brown gluttony- " fat bastard" time
                                                      ( My Newly hatched chinook "Sacman" fry")
                                                           ( A sucker minnow came out of this browns mouth on the Muskegon, that was shared and caught by steelhead brown master- Dennis Bowens- look at those German Bachforelle red spots! )

Time to plan for spring! I still have a few choice slots open this spring with me/Matt, so would love to see you at the Gray Drake
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 More news coming along with the clinics/book signings and shows I'll be doing, including Scotland trip.