Tuesday, February 21, 2017


All I can say is, "it's been crazy!" Never seen a February like this. 60 F air temps,  T-shirts, spring runoff 3,000 cfs perfect river levels and insane browns and steelhead. The Skagit swinging , streamer meat stripping and swing/switch/chuck nymphing has been something I have never witnessed in February ( not guide talk!).

 What is so cool and excites me more is that despite the dastardly hot and drought summer of 2016, our browns and bows have gotten huge!- thank you spring creek -fed aquifers of the Muskegon tailwater and its crayfish/sculpin/dace/darter/scud biomass .

 Can't wait for the early black stoneflies, sulphurs ,March Browns and Drakes to get them to come up and eat properly-"cricket style-on the dry". But, it has been as lovely as it gets on the aggressive side , which is so addicting. they have been smashing my Coon Skulpines and honored to fish Tommy/Laf/Schmidty/Madden-man/Motown inspired dude's double-d's-sick action.

We have seen more 16-to 22 inch browns caught in the last week then I can ever remember in February- Amen!, and am very, very thankful. My client Jeb from Virginia had some serious 'catching' - not normal for true fly guys and me that don't go to the 'dark side'. He fishes the Bighorn and B.C. and we did the combo in Michigan. 
 GOOD NEWS!...finally cold weather coming- snow and F digits down to 12 F...AMEN!-  a little slow down for the hot mamma nature..we need it to get back to "normal?"- IF THAT EXISTS ANYMORE!
Cheers!- Na zdrowie- hope you come and fish with us in 2017!