Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Begone ye winter blahs!- I can smell the fresh spring forests adorn with ferns and trilliums , still hear the last few grouse drumming as I nitpick through a an ever denser growing elm and deadfall spring bog hollow for a few remaining morels -ahh!, please may I have have one last epicurean fix like an opium addict...but most importantly I can hear that unmistakable buzz, that electrical humming sound of the beating of millions of gray drake spinner wings as the aerial mating orgy begins each morning and dusk. It's when the trout feast like drunken Russian sailors at an all night lobster shack... no other time is this aggressive bold feeding display by the elusive trutta so easily predictable- its coming! ( NOAA is predicting a wet spring!) (drake image-J.G. Miller, all others moi )