Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!!- more reports/blogs to come!

                                             ( my Christmas hen from yesterday-12/25/16,... good numbers of larger steelhead are just entering the Muskegon and with warmer temps, rain, snow melt etc., should be an amazing next few weeks- blessed!)

Sorry for the long delay in posts to my blog! ( I make so many posts/updates to social quick media each day:facebook/twitter/instagram... but my new year's resolution for those of you who don't frequent social media for very good reasons, is to post something of interest each day and more fishing reports. It has been an epic fall/early winter so far for fall steelhead, I spent 6 weeks in upper Michigan chasing Atlantic salmon, and now back for winter chrome/lake -run browns.
In the next few days I will give a complete update/re-cap/2017 prediction and forcast on my blog

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.