Monday, October 31, 2016


                   ( Quebecois Paul Dolbec from Delaware with his magnificent beast he caught with me on the swing-a true Scandi man, he now understands the importance of the Skagit system for Great Lakes steelhead-)
Paul was swinging the Pantano hangtime leech at 2:58 p,m. in a prime "throat/boulder water"  primary run when this massive beast destroyed my hangtime tube leech with a massive aerial burst and brutal aerial battle for 150 yards downstream to follow. Thank god for the 15lb fluorocarbon and the 14 Foot GLOOMIS Greased Line ( Roaring River) 14 ft/8 weight spey rod that was able to handle this beast. Haven't seen a legit "20" since 2006-(note: how Paul had to rest the upper part of the fish on his lower arm- the fish was too big to put a hand around it and couldn't be held out- also IPHONE photo shot- no fish eye Nikon!..;) 
 It happened as a sunny day turned cloudy, most of the guide boats were high tailing to the ramp for cash and the river was getting quiet for beasts to come lurking....put a tape to it ...38" length x 26" the math- didn't want to hurt the beast by destroying the cartilage in its back by holding it on a Boga. December will be epic I'm predicting since another warm spell of upper 60's is coming AGAIN!!!!