Sunday, July 10, 2016


After being on the Joe all week and watching them trickle in, they have now officially arrived en masse !...about time!, and they are running as big as ever!..With no  weir/fish ladder trapping them at Berrien Springs like for decades ( they need 900 adults) for broodstock/egg/sperm harvest for next year's plants by Indiana DNR, which they now do on Trail Creek, IN, thus, the fish ladder at Berrien Springs is 'WIDE OPEN' and open for serious summer run steelhead biz-ness!
( Mysis Procopius)
Why the size when our Michigan Winter strain ran so small this past spring run? Basically, the Great Lakes mystery of 'constant biologic change" is always 'trending now',  since alewives ### are down =alewives eat mysis, thus Mysis shrimp ### WAY UP LIKE LATE 1980''S!- prior . so!!!... shrimp are the ideal food source for rainbow trout ( remember they are ocean going rainbow trout- finicky and precise predators), shrimp pack more of a power protein ,selenium, B-12, and very interesting iodine,  than even ale' wives

(NOTE: If you have never experienced these amazing  silver, pink cheeked 'tarpon of the Great Lakes', and call yourself a GL steelheader!, time is now through early September to do so. I personally have a very few good dates open and would love to show you the game. 
All dry lines/ no weight,single or two handers, lots of sight fishing or blind  swinging, whatever your schematics/gig desires. I have dedicated 25 plus years chasing these fish, so I'm confident and read a few books about steelhead!..;)...cheers!, sorry for the cockiness, just love what I do! zdrowie..yes I get them to eat dry fly beetles on the surface!
( MY flash back beetle dries..Senyo's ( Hareline Dubbin shaggy dubbing) greased up- rubber floats with right grease, and pushes water!)

here are few video testimonials...cheers!!!- life is great!- get out and fish steelhead, and BE PATIENT AND HUMBLE !!