Monday, July 25, 2016


Heat wave of 2016 hopefully over! wasn't "that hot"!, ( I remember three summers ago taking son Peter to Northwestern Univ., along the gorgeous Lake Michigan shorelines for a summer  select soccer camp and my car thermometer read 113 F on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago- we are now moaning about a few 90 F DAYS!-NEWS FLASH!- TIS THE HEART OF SUMMER EH?...have we become a society of whinny wimps?...hmmm!) But, just say'in,  we have been spoiled by two epically cold summers with lots of rainfall....anyways, everyone got a ton of rain this past weekend, and the summer run Skamania steelhead are waiting for a soon to happen Nor'easterly to stage a new push...holding in 55-70 feet of water stacked like sardines between South Haven and Mich. City...more to come soon.Some fresh chrome are already making their presence if you know where to look for them
( BTW:skammy mysis shrimp pattern recipe coming tomorrow - just got off the river and chill'in)...Na Zdrowie!- August will be an epic month!