Friday, June 10, 2016

Now is the time to Wet Fly Swing...classic style!

Swinging ( classic Atlantic Salmon down-and- across UK wet fly broadside swing, inspired by A.H.E. Wood greased line technique), is not just limited to migratory steelhead and salmon. Now is the perfect time to do the same floating line technique on light 12 foot 3/4 weight switch rods , swinging articulated swimming nymphs as Isonychia/Hex race heatedly towards emergence. Here is an awesome brown taken by my client last night in very shallow fast water where the nymphs are emerging ....the" poor man's atlantic salmon- the brown trout!", is an ideal way to experience this wonderful way to fish all year- soft hackles etc....cheers! ( HINT: If the water is over your thighs, you are fishing too deep- get out of the boat and wade these shoals/tight to the bank swift runs where the donkeys are hunting swimming nymphs.......natural:JGMiller image