Thursday, June 9, 2016


After a dismal year last year (2015)...we are as of June 1st starting to see very large summer runs showing off the pier heads and harbors in Michigan City. Talking to Brian Breidert- Indiana DNR, this morning, he verified steady catches by pier anglers of Skamania steelhead up to 16 pounds...WOW!...what a huge difference from last years small fish - to non-existent fish. They are looking like the healthy bruts pictured above from the epic 2014 run. This year's fish are packed with mysis shrimp, baby perch, sculpins, smelt, herring and the elusive alewives, which there happen to be more of than originally prognosticated negatively. !

Stay tuned for more!. my booking this year are some of the best we have seen and the excitement for these 'tarpon of the Great Lakes' is growing- especially from steelheaders who fish Lakes Erie and Ontario and want a summer steelhead experience- dry floating line/leader/fly/NO-LEAD !

Please call or email us for open dates owe yourself an experience of a lifetime if you are a serious steelheader and want to catch Skeena  B.C. sized-
 and salt looking  torpedo fish in the Great Lakes!