Monday, May 9, 2016


We are in for an epic trout year. The winter holdover of browns and rainbows has been epic!....lots of fish throughout the entire system, More record sized catches if big browns this spring than ever before. They are chowing on salmon fry, sucker and steelhead eggs, stoneflies and getting ready for the first onslaught of hatches.
(Saw American March Browns Saturday(above)- caddis starting and sulphurs /drakes just around the corner!)
( lots of these sized browns in the system that have already been caught and released on streamers and spinners and are now shy and selective/reflective- they are waiting for the bug onslaught !)

With the cool spring and summer forecasted by NOAA, THE TROUT FISHING WILL BE EPIC !!
Plus excellent water levels on all rivers, cold water temps, and BINGO!!!!....hope to see you at the Gray Drake!