Saturday, May 14, 2016


Got out for an hour on my first day off after getting caught up in the office.. Yep! a global warming May, I had an ice/snow event for a few moments that caught me off guard. I targeted a riffle near a bog where swimming siphlonurus gray drake /siphlopecton nymphs are migrating..(P.S. : If you fish the Rogue near Rockford, there are Black Quills ( Leptophlebia cupida)....I got this trutta on the single handed rod- /down-and-across wet fly traditional swing -Orvis Helios II (10FT/5 wght) , with my new swimming/emerging nymph/sunken spinner-
 I know!, sounds complicated, but an AP (all purpose pattern that does drakes/quills/ Siphlo's), this is the money fly ...AND YES!!!... I always can't wait to have a day off so I can go "fishing!"- every day I get to go fishing is like my first day ever when I was six years old..its a passion I can't suppress ... but unfortunately many guides treat their job as " just another day at the office/or punching into the guide time clock and "cha-ching$$$ gig" ...Before you book a guide trip, ask your guide how many days he actually goes fishing?, does he or she branch out of their fish tank? will be surprised on the varied comments...I'm not lecturing, but "just sayin"