Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Update- Muskegon May steelhead run coming...leviathan brown trout caught

                  ( Client John from Connecticut with a May 1st/2016 gorgeous pastel Muskegon steelhead)

The Muskegon always gets a final massive push of steelhead- it has been going on for twenty years since I have been guiding on it. Though the run has appeared to diminish greatly lately, this lull sometimes happens around opening day of trout season like it did this year.
BUT!!!!...it ain't over yet! Spawning run steelhead are still being caught off the pier heads and by trolling anglers signaling a fresh run is staggering and coming.

My scientific reasons for such a claim is as follows:

*River temps are still 48F-2,800 CFS- very low water temps for this time of year

*We had one of the coldest Aprils on record- the first three weeks were very, very cold- with a few "rare' warm days in the middle

*Lake Michigan water temps off Muskegon harbor/ shoreline are 44F as of today- Icy!!!!!

*May run steelhead imprint through pineal gland to increasing daylight levels- thus fish that run in May carry genetic signal to their offspring

* Icy cold water still in Muskegon river Hardy and Croton impoundments

Dan Moser's massive brown that was caught last week is now confirmed through digital imprinting as the same one we caught by my client Dr. Murphy on April 30/2014....here are the fish again- they were both caught within a hundred yards of each other two years apart- could be our"smoking gun brown" we need to convince the DNR for more trophy brown regs and discussion which as of today Jay Wesley -Lake Michigan Watershed Director has agreed to- more to come and we will need your support! 
(2016 )
( Same brown 2014)

A few American March Browns and late stone flies around- a week or two from caddis and gray drakes. Lots of chinook fry so streamers are best bet.

Hope to see you at  the Gray Drake!..cheers..na zdrowie,