Tuesday, May 17, 2016


STEELHEAD: Good news is that fresh runs of mid- May spring steelhead have trickled in on this up/down... cold /warm /wet weather. We always have fish coming in thru early June and this year will see more of this pattern due to our water temps, which are well below normal due to snow last weekend and very cold weather- it has warmed up into 60's and will remain nice.

STREAMER TROUT: There has been a ton of streamer pressure last couple weeks and it looked like the White in AR..I'm glad to see all the guys drifting and tossing meat. But we have to protect or larger browns and we need tophy brown trout regulations. I am spearheading a plan to discuss with the DNR to make it happen. I will need all the trout streamer bums to help and join in on the fight. This river has produced insane sized big truttas and they need our protection!! Rowing 14 miles to turn a couple good fish or hook one doesn't have to be that way. It makes you sick when you see a few worm dunkers come out with stringers of 14-20 inch browns and toss them in their boat to dry in the sun and then just trash them in the garbage- a heinous disgrace!!!..SORRY FOR MY CANDID VIEWS, BUT IT'S A FACT! The Eagle lake rainbows stocked to the tune of 80,000 each year are perfect for eating and harvesting by the IGLOO Brigade...they dont get as big as the browns anyways.
                                                    (The amazing Moser brown this spring!)

HATCHES: With 52F RIVER WATER TEMPS....AND LAKE TEMPS ICY COLD AT 42.9F, the hatches have been delayed but should start up with the warm days coming. A few gray drakes that hatched are confused with the weather and caddis and larger BWO'S, along with Siphlopecton quills have been out in warmer afternoons.

                                               (JG Miller image)

TORCH ATLANTIC'S: Fish are spread out all over - 75 feet to shallows...you can now troll with fly/switch rods New England style for these beasts and browns and lakers

SMALL SPRING CREEKS: The local small spring creeks. There are hundreds of miles with wild browns,brookies and rainbows that never see a soul!!!- get out and explore these little wooded spring streams that have been stocked with wild strain browns and get little to no pressure.  They are fishing well /excellent water levels, with streamers, caddis and Hendricksons

Hope to see you at the Gray Drake!