Sunday, March 6, 2016


It has been a very long week! Blizzard snow conditions Tuesday, near zero fahrenheit temps at night time, freezing up  rod guides all week on the river, finally sunny warm relief Saturday.

Like to thank our good friend and client Chris Vanover from Texas for enduring the week , but I got him into some gorgeous steelhead, trout and yes a nice walleye that did well for the Lenten fish fry!

(Some very nice steelhead)
( a delish Walleye...pan fried with a corn/pepper relish salsa YES!...we are 100% catch and release on all trout, steelhead and salmon-BUT!!!!- walleye are for the table, and btw- they eat all our trout and steelhead business partrners)
( a nice brownie)

( and one gorgeous eagle lake resident Muskegon  cutt/bow rainbow- biggest I have seen in years!...notice the orange belly and slits under the gill plates)

CONDITIONS: perfect!- water level 2790 CFS...water temp still needing to warm up- currently 35F- but very clear 

HATCHES: saw midges yesterday and a few black stone flies in biological drift- 

FORECAST: Warm week ahead. Walleye in the river signals run is ramping up
NOTE: We still have some excellent guide dates and lodging available for spring steelhead but they are going or call us!!!
Cheers!...Na zdrowie!