Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ultimate Buffalo Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries- Perfect Super Bowl eats!!!

Everybody is in love with Buffalo Chicken wings!!. I remember growing up in Niagara Falls/Grand Island and going to the Anchor bar- home of the original comfort food delicacy . Everyone thinks there is some"mystery sauce' and don't think they can make a tailgate indoor buffet that will knock you and your guests/friends socks off!!! Couple these with your own homemade Sweet Potato Cottage Fries, and 'BAHM-BINGO!!!!, you have a killer that people will talk about for ever.And YES!, you don't need a deep fryer to make this all 'Delish".

 The "secret sauce' , that you can make at home is this "Frank's Red Hot" and butter, and cayenne pepper for even more heat if you desire- Frank's by itself is hot enough. Duff's in Buffalo is now the new preference, since their wings are meatier and juicy plump offerings. That is why in addition to wings I use drumsticks  and thighs.

So here is the simple deal.
* Get a good assortment of wings, drumsticks and thighs. Wash and put them in large zip lock bags with Italian dressing- marinate for at least two hours
* heat oven to 375
* get large cooking sheets and line with aluminum foil and spray with PAM so chicken does not stick
* line chicken up on baking sheets and sprinkle with salt, pepper. , Paprika and parsley flakes
* bake for 25-30 minutes at 375 until skin is showing crispness.
* get a sauce pot/pan and empty one large bottle of Frank's Red Hot and whisk/melt in one unsalted stick of butter under low heat...One bottle and stick of butter is usually good for 4-5 people ....taste and add cayenne pepper if needed
* serve chicken on a platter and cover with a healthy coating of Buffalo sauce/sprinkle with parsley flakes.... and have a dipping bowl for those that want more sauce and heat, 
* accompany with celery and carrot sticks, chop/julienne sticks of green, red and orange bell peppers and dip in a bowl of Blue Cheese dressing...if you want softer peppers, roast them in Olive oil at 400 for 8 minutes- retain crispness for dipping


* buy medium sized yams/sweet potatoes. Leave skin on and quarter and then slice into wedges
* put them in zip lock bags and add a healthy dose of olive oil, several spoons of Paprika and pepper...toss and mix ingredients well until all fries are covered. Marinate for two hours
* bake at 400 for 20 minutes or so ( keep watching them until outside is crispy and poke with fork for desired softness)
* throw in platter or bowl, top off with sea salt- dip in fresh Salsa, ketchup or green onion chip dip....DELISH!!!!

All February is my 'Ethnic American Comfort Food " month...more to come...BTW, an  Italian lady made the first Buffalo wings..they were chicken scraps from Chicken  Parmesan/ Marsala