Monday, February 22, 2016

This should be the 'magic carpet ride' - can't be better than this!

The perfect 'magic carpet ride' for fresh chrome is in place....end of February full moon, rising water- 4,000 CFS on Muskegon, ...stained ( all Michigan rivers are at perfect tea stain spate levels)...snow melt gone...warm week of temperatures...couldn't be better!!!!...

As I mentioned, full moons reduce melatonin in fish blood streams through pineal gland, with stained water , migration is round the clock... 24/7, as opposed to dusk to morning. 

IF IT DOES'NT HAPPEN?...'HOUSTON?, ...ugh!, we have a problem!....fingers crossed but I'm very optimistic!- gonna be a great spring steelhead run IMHO-  past history- poor fall run=excellent spring run !
( last time conditions were identical and waters receded -chrome!....that is a shaken off lamprey mark btw!- took a sac fry)