Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rainbow trout/salmon sac fry/parr pattern

Here is my rainbow trout sac fry/parr pattern that is extremely effective - particularly in the spring, which I posted on Facebook.

In the spring the first sac fry to hatch are salmon, followed by brown and brook trout, rainbows and steelhead. This pattern is highly effective since these fry/parr are very aggressive feeders and gorge on the same biological drift of insects- midges/mayflies, stones, scuds and caddis that larger trout, steelhead and salmon do. Thus they are easy prey for larger fish- particularly steelhead, and carnivorous larger browns and brookies.

Also, many states stock small yearling and fingerling fry/parr rainbows as stocking programs.

The "key" with this pattern  lies with the blend of materials and tying it "sparsely" so the material fibers move in the current and act like a swimming minnow along with its transparency . 

HOOK: Daiichi X452 - #6-8

FIRST THREAD: UNI Stretch Hot pink- tie a section of the thread on the middle/upper third of the hook and tie off thread to develope the blood vein of the sac.

SAC: Otter's Soft Milking Egg 'sucker spawn'- color: Tangerine. Take a 4 egg section and pierce the middle with the hook point and slide up the hook over the Hot Pink UNI thread- apply some superglue to thread to hold it in place- bulge the belly of the eggs a little to be more rotund


LAYERS FROM BOTTOM UP: ( remember to make strands sparse and marry them proportionally
1. Hareline Ice Dub Minnow Belly
2. one very tiny thin Hareline/Metz  Grizzly hackle in center lateral on each side
3. For Rainbow trout/Steelhead- Hareline Senyo Laser Dub Fl.Fuschia...Brown Trout- UV Shrimp Pink- Brook Trout/salmon: Hareline UV lavender 
4. Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap: Barred UV- Hareline
5. Hareline Ice Dub UV Lt. Olive
6. Topping: 3 strands of Flashabou Mirage Blend- opal/Purple-Hareline

HEAD: build up a nice round head with the thread as you tie in the materials , then put a dab of superglue on each side and attach FISH SKULL LIVING EYES- ICE , to each side. Once dry seal eyes and head with LOON UV CLEAR FINISH- FLOW, then zap and dry with UV light

TEST: Put it in water and watch the materials fuse together- be carful and dont let the minnow wiggle and jump out of your hand!!!!

Cheers!/...Na zdrowie!