Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boyne Mountain Resort/Outfitters Selectivity Clinic with Matt Supinski in Michigan's Winter Wonderland!

In Michigan's magnificent winter wonderland, there could not be a better place to be in February than the world class Boyne Mountain Resort and Boyne Outfitters, in the heart of the Nordic highlands of the Great Lakes and Hemingway country! World class skiing and winter sports, a European style spa, luxurious resort lodging reminiscent of Switzerland and Colorado, epicurean gourmet cuisine and spirits, and yes!, fly fishing!

Northern Michigan is surrounded by some of the most beautiful wild trout, steelhead and salmon rivers east of the Mississippi . Even though it is winter, come inside and indulge your fly angling mind with a thought provoking journey and clinic into the mind of trout, salmon and steelhead behavior, tactics and 'cracking the code' for success!, all brought to you by proprietor Ethan Winchester of Boyne Outfitters and special guest Matthew Supinski.
( what the critics are saying about 'Selectivity')

Join Matt Supinski for a day of selectivity - understanding and fine-tuning your angling techniques to varying salmonid behaviors.  The morning session will be an in-house clinic discussing Matt's theory of selectivity, how it applies to your angling environment, and how to change your angling to meet the needs of the fish.  The afternoon session will be fly tying session focusing on some of Matt's tried-&-true fly patterns for Great Lakes trout, salmon and steelhead.  Following the afternoon session, Matt will be available in Boyne Outfitters for a meet & greet, as well as signing his book, Selectivity, available at Boyne Outfitters
  • DATE: Saturday, February 13th
  • SELECTIVITY SESSION [Morning]: 9a-12p
  • FLY TYING SESSION [Afternoon]: 1-3p
  • COST:  FREE!  However, class size is limited and an RSVP is required.  Each session is separate, so RSVP to one or the other, or both!  Please call 231.549.6064 to reserve your spot!
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL:  All levels are invited to attend the Selectivity session.  Intermediate fly tying skill is recommended for the tying session.
  • REQUIRED:  Selectivity Session...a willingness to learn!  Fly Tying Session...vice, tools, materials.  Suggested materials list available upon request.
Matt Supinski is a renowned fly fishing author/ guide/photographer/consultant, culinary trained chef, food and spirits connoisseur and world adventurist specializing in progressive techniques in the pursuit of trout, salmon, and steelhead in the Great Lakes region and beyond.  For nearly 50 years, Matt has dedicated his life to understanding the behavior of salmonid species and has developed his "selectivity" theory based on his experiences around the world and most notably in the Great Lakes, where he was born and raised in Niagara Falls and also in Europe.  Matt's passion and knowledge for steelhead and Atlantic salmon on the fly is unmatched, studying closely the ‘life survival predator strategies’ and how the fish feed and behave to all the stimuli anglers must encompass and focus on when in pursuit . In 2010 he guided Tom Aufiero to an IFGA record for landlocked Atlantic salmon right here in Michigan! He has been a regional editor for FLY FISHERMAN magazine for close to two decades, columnist for many publications and has written hundreds of articles, 5 books, DVD’s and guest TV appearances. His books and DVD will be for sale and Matt will be glad to autograph them for you. Matt and his wife, Laurie,operate Gray Drake Lodge & Outfitters on the banks of the Muskegon , along with outfitting destination excursions .