Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RC (rainbow coalition) Smelt Ice Man

As promised, here are the materials and recipe , tied in from bottom to top- left to right on the image. It is a killer pattern developed off the the age old 'Ice Man', but this combination is lethal on steelhead, lake run browns , Atlantics- Pacific salmon in the surf/lake trout and resident Browns.                            
The 3rd  material in is 'Baitfish Emulator-Gray Ghost'....4th material is Senyo Barred Predator Wrap- Black Barred Clear- all available from Hairline Dubbin
NOTES: tie very very sparse, so the materials flicker and shimmer in the MWM current, and fuse to create an amazing translucency when wet
Also can be tied intruder style using Senyo's Fly man shanks, and tube style using clear tubing or a weighted sliver tear tube.....go crush them!!!!
( This fat piglet crushed this fly yesterday)