Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"The Run"- 2015...Shocking? , but not really!

I am happy and fortunate to report that our river- The Muskegon- has perhaps the best salmon run going when compared to other northern rivers- actually amazingingly better! Low alewife forage base, rediculous management decisions ( harvest levels/angling practices etc) all have left salmon anglers with a very bad taste in their mouths. It will be interesting in how the "agency' will spin this one when it is all over. 
More importantly what will be the solution if Michigan continues   the Pacific salmon experiment.

Trout fishing remains strong with Autumn blue winged olive BWO hatches. Steelhead are starting to come in and you will have a very good chance of hooking more aggressive/active trout and steels due to the lower salmon numbers on most rivers.
I could spend two hours typing this discussion, but have to get ready for incoming clients.
 The good news is we will have a very mild fall/ winter so steelheading will be fantastic!.Lat el nino winter produced record number steelhead and lake-run browns!...still have a few good dates left and don't forget our wonder landlocked atlantic salmon fishery!
All in all, we are still blessed by the diversity of salmon, steelhead trout opportunities- we had insane runs of fish in years past and have been spoiled- we just have to get in touch with reality and "the new normal". We often become obsessed with numbers- looking back at what happened to the 'steelhead alley numbers' of yesteryear and what as transpired is a good wake up call to just go out and enjoy the river and gorgeous fall weather, and if lucky catch a fish or two and be blessed!,,,,,cheers/na zdrowie