Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great Lakes 'GRAND SLAM' Season has begun !!!...November/December is "THE" season

( a gorgeous landlocked Atlantic salmon of  November 2015 for Steve, swung up to the surface in a snowstorm on a white intruder-Somebody has to tell these Atlantic's they are not in Iceland/Russia/Gaspe Quebec)

I pinch myself that I'm dreaming!...November and into our coming El Nino December in Michigan is the time that the Selectivity Trout/Steelhead/Salmon experience goes into full blown overdrive. 
Where on a consistent level of confidence can you have the excellent possibility of catching 6 world class game fish on one fishing expedition?- Pure Michigan !
The Atlantics are just getting started and November/early December will see their peak migrations: everything is running late because of the two brutal winter freeze up impacts on the Great Lakes.

Wild Pacific salmon- King Chinook/ Coho silvers; Landlocked Atlantic salmon ( btw: my client and I hold the current IGFA record for that fish), steelhead, lake/sea run brown trout... and resident brown, rainbow and brook trout- all possible in a couple of days.
Our northern waters produce wild kings and cohos...this year's run on the Muskegon has exceeded our expectations and still growing strong. Silver cohos on the St Joe and Platte/Manistee are just getting going.
(Our kings this year have been super aggressive, much to my skeptical analysis and more so than past years. Could the lack of baitfish/alweives be making the wild fish predator instincts of foraging at a much more intense degree..PFP( predator foraging profiles)

Fall steelheading is prime in November/December on the swing with intruders or egg nymphing

November will see the start of a good push of lake run browns and the resident browns will be coloring up in spawning butterscotch orange. The PM/Muskegon/Manistee/Muskegon all receive their far share. This fall the DNR is planting 50,000 wild strain Sturgeon River fingerling browns on the Muskegon. This will account for some very large browns that both migrate and become residents with high growth and predatory instincts
top/resident/below /lake-run
and than there was this beast by Dr John- resident or lake run holdover?
And of course all the gorgeous resident trout binging on eggs and nymphs, targeting meaty streamers and sipping tiny blue winged olives and midges well into December
( a beauty resident Muskegon brown taken on a #22 blue winged olive in November- once the salmon are dead, they go back to BWO'S)

(this was the most insane double header I ever had- two December browns that one took the top egg fly and the other the bottom sculpin sexy hexy...a quick net job by fishing partner and guide extraordinaire did the job and prevented the break off!...long story, come and visit and Ill tell ya over a bourbon!)

All in all...we have your destination dreams covered! Come and visit us in the next couple months and we'll do the best to make your dreams come true!