Monday, October 26, 2015

Good Push of Chrome Steel...despite low water...the Flow vs.Temp gig!

In 'Steelhead Dreams' and 'Selectivity'  I discuss the " magic carpet ride" of TEMP VS,. FLOW for excellent fall steelheading. 

As long as lake temps coincide with river temps and a mild warm fall exists, good steelhead returns are very probable in the fall. So far and what the forecast reveals is ideal- a warm mild El Nino fall/winter- the next two months should be excellent. We are getting rain mid week , but I'm not so concerned about that..Warm 60 F is the key to keep rivers in the 50F and fresh steelhead and lake run browns coming in.

BTW...due to a cancellation and reschedule , I now have November 10, 11 and 12 open for either fall steelhead swinging/nymphing or Landlocked Atlantic salmon on the swing- or for the tailwater/spring creek aficionado- dry fly blue-winged olives -6x #20's...I love that stuff!. While most anglers are chasing chrome, you can chase resident trout on the dry in gorgous fall weather...cant beat the options! can contact me at: