Sunday, August 16, 2015

West Coast Pacific Salmon in pools...Great Lakes style!

( For the past 12 years I have been experimenting and loving swinging classic west coast salmon wets for salmon staging in pools- if you are sick of the old Great Lakes 'snag -and drag' salmon fishing!-this is the only way to go!- get them while they still have a bit of an aggressive tendency) 

Sorry!...but Pacific Kings in the Great Lakes have gotten a bad rap from the 'snag-and drag' fiasco...word! People see me parked on 14 foot deep pools for weeks thinking I'm a dummy. Yeah I know..the 'money in the dummy' gig is easy coin for guides, but you owe it to your clients to make them appreciate these fish that when stacked by the hundreds in deep pools still have a fraction of aggressive/active tendency. Granted its much easier to 'floss fish' on gravel', but there really is not much sport in that eh?
Not trying to preach from the soap box cause I/ everyone in the GL has done the gravel gig at one time or another in our development- and done legally there is nothing wrong with it-'a fly in the mouth is a fly in the a fly in the mouth-period!"
Because of all the down and across swinging wets I have done over the decades for Atlantic salmon and looking at the west coast gunslinger schools of Schaadt/Waller/Combs and the many , many California king boys comet/boss era, I took the same techniques and applied them to the Great Lakes- you wont catch me with a spinning rod and thunder stick just because that's me, my choice and I don't own or want to invest in spinning equipment. NOW, there is nothing wrong- actually its the most ethical way to go for these zip lock mouth fish, plus all the fly guy guides all over are doing it because it catches fish that actually strike and are aggressive !!!
 Yeah, many may think I might be gay putting that much time into a comet/boss fly: jungle cock, spey fly materials etc., BUT!!! I find it so much more rewarding to hook a salmon, watch it jump 8 times in 10 feet of water, run into hundreds of yards of backing and fight it for 20 minutes-EXHILARATING!
 Also, my clients have become addicted to this fishing which can be done long after salmon have gone to garvel- trust me!
Fish are still fresh, 'somewhat' aggressive and you stand the best game out of them!
It will be starting soon!- cohos on the St Joe, then kings on the Muskegon.

 If you want to try something new and exciting/different, I'd be happy to teach you the nuances of this very exciting pacific salmon fishing -Great Lakes style! Can be done with single or two handed rods-traditional lines or new age spey/intermediate lines- your call!