Friday, August 14, 2015

Lake Turnover!...Get Ready, the big Push is Finally Here

( Christine from N.J. with a massive beast summer steelhead from last year taken on a water beetle- will we finally see the 'mother load' come in?)
The next few weeks will tell the whole story. Finally prime conditions are setting up for a fast migration. Warmer waters/thermoclines/lake turnovers should set the stage. All my questions/doubts /concerns and hope will be answered now that the run is a month and a half late....stay tuned. After weeks of the fish staging in 80 feet of water, the pier anglers are finally seeing good numbers and the size of year class we saw last year which was epic! ( 8 fish in the 18/19 lb range landed). The run will last well though September.
 You owe it to yourself to hook one of these beasts on a classic floating line- no chucking lead, t-shirts, shorts sandals and no snow!...cheers!