Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Skamania Steelhead just starting!..Gonna be a Fantastic Summer!

Can't catch steelhead sitting around complaining about the weather...this could be the best year in twenty years for the famous summer Skamania, lots of rain, cold water- what Great Lakes summers used to be 40 years ago!!- Ice age coming 2020!- trout, steelhead and salmon will only benefit!

Despite all the heavy rain, flooding, tornado watches ( saw some property devastation around Berrien- apocalyptic weather- everything is epic/apocalyptic today!...I think its just weather smile emoticon ,wonderful to visit with my good friend and client, Sultan Christopher Robert Bamford- Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates . We were able to pull off a couple of days of summer Skamania steelheading on the St Joseph and Indiana- even got a few steelhead on green foam beetles on the surface!!!- way too cool ! was great seeing you again Sheikh Christopher Mohammed III !...( last time Chris was on St Joe he hit a beast 40 incher- 18/20lb range I'll never forget!) ... Thank you Ed Vandenack for your gracious hospitality at the Inn at Harbor Shores- if you never have seen or been to this world class 'Ritz Carlton style' property with perhaps the most amazing hospitality culture in the midwest, you owe it to yourself to visit this one of a kind Great Lakes freshwater resort/Spa/Gourmet cuisine destination located right on the banks of the greatest summer steelhead run in North America! can fly your plane right into South Bend or Michigan City which is a half hour away!