Thursday, May 14, 2015


Wow!...After going from a week of heat wave, drought conditions etc., the roller coaster global warming weather continues. Now after several inches of rain, and  very cold 30F weather ( yesterday morning with Doc Flaherty and Jeannie we froze!!!...than we roasted in the sun later), our waters have a nice color and excellent flow to continue to bring up more chrome new arrivals. Last Saturday I saw more fresh chrome steelhead coming up river than we have seen all spring!!! 
WHY?...well as I mentioned in my blogs, steelhead, insect hatches, resident trout don't have Gregorian calendars but deal with temperatures/photoperiod/ + heating days/ hormonal cycles and their own specific LSS- life survival strategies. The past winter we saw century old epic below zero  temps that caused the Great Lakes to freeze over completely,  most rivers to freeze solid or with heavy slush like the Muskegon. Lake Michigan temps right now are 15- 20 degrees behind normal right now- in the center of the lake there are still icebergs.
SO!!!...we will see more fresh steelhead ascending rivers all the way until Mid- June, last year we had fresh chrome winter steelhead until June 23rd- yes, no bullshit! 
So, if you missed getting out this spring, you haven't really missed anything until now- we are still in the fresh run and drop back phase so get out there even though the calendar might say we are waxing and waning- lots of chrome fish to be had and we still have a few spots left in the next couple weeks 

 After several weeks of heavy brown and rainbow trout stocking by the MDNR, we are starting to see some really huge browns getting into the feeding frenzy as the water temps are now in the low/mid 50's, so full feeding metabolism is on the way. Suckers are spawning so sucker eggs /nymphs will enter the hatch mix.
Yesterday we witnessed an excellent spinner flight of Epeorus Quill Gordons in the middle of the afternoon as the sun finally warmed it up- also an excellent caddis hatch with a few late black stones still egg laying well into the afternoon- we saw two very nice sized fish feeding sporadically to them.As the water warms and continues to fall, we will see more and prolific surface activity.
If you are interested in learning more about my book 'Selectivity'
I did a really cool live worldwide internet interview podcast  with Dr Roger Maves a few nights ago for an hour and a half,  that will shed more light on trout, steelhead,salmon behavior and a ton of other things to think is the link- its FREE!!!- can play it in your fly shop/fly tying bench/workplace/lap top when things are slow and your mind craves fly fishing- had great questions from all the audience all around the world that really made me substantiate the book concept-thanks to all for the great questions/comments etc.

CHEERS!...NA ZDROWIE...I have received a ton of crap from the non- social media folks that I'm posting all my stuff on Face Crack, Twitter/ Linkedin etc., and I'm not posting blogs enough-  SO!!! I promise to post daily BLOGS now-even small news bits and things to think my Google search spiders have abandoned me and I need them to "like me again"!.....:)